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Travel from Airport

For information on getting to the hotel from the airport (and other general travel information) see the IASSIST website

 West Bank Map

 Willey Hall Map with walking routes

 Willey Hall doors (directions to MPC)

The DDI Sprint meeting will be hosted by the Minnesota Population Center. Our main meeting room will be the Seminar Room within the MPC. Break out rooms will be available during the week. PLEASE NOTE that the first day of the Sprint is a US Holiday and the University is officially closed but we will have access to the MPC. Special instructions for the first day will be available soon.


The first day of the sprint is a US Holiday (Memorial Day). The University is closed but I have access to the building. For those at the Marriott Courtyard, I will meet you in the lobby at 8:50 and we will walk over as a group. For those staying in other locations (or the adventurous at heart) meet us at door 2A on the map Willey Hall doors (directions to MPC). For general walking instructions see Walking Map.

If you are arriving from the 19th Ave. S side of the map (from the Marriott Courtyard, across the river along 19th Ave So. (10th Ave. SE on the other side of the river), or from the LRT Station):

  • Walk around the back side of Mondale Hall along the walkway.
  • At the end of the walkway there will be a short flight of steps to your right. Go up the stairs.
  • There will be two doors, one to Mondale Hall on your immediate right and door 2A to Willey Hall ahead of you.
  • Meet us there.

If you are coming from the Dorms or across the covered bridge over the river:

  • Walk past the West Bank Skyway. You are now at door 1A of Willey Hall.
  • Follow along the side of Willey Hall (avoid walking in the bike paths...they can be visous) and you will come to door 2A.
  • Meet us there.

If you are late call my cell phone at +1 612-867-9574. Let me know which door you are at and I'll send someone to let you in.








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