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Table of Contents


Data Description in R Working Group

Charge: Read and write DDI Formats in R.

More details: Data Description in R

Documentation Working Group

Charge: Re-usable Structured Documentation: As DDI releases a first version of the Codebook Functional View to the community, documentation and documentation structure becomes essential for its successful implementation. The work during this week, will concentrate on developing both high-level and field-level documentation to assist archives, libraries, and statistical agencies, migrating from an older version of DDI to DDI 4.

More details: Documentation Working Group


Charge: The publications working group contributes content and works to support and promote the various publications produced under the auspices of the DDI Alliance.

More details: Publications Working Group


Group Report, 2011-2012

Group Report, 2012-2013

XKOS Working Group

Charge: XKOS leverages the Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS) for managing statistical classifications and concept management systems, since SKOS is widely used. LOD is used to create Web artifacts that machines can interpret, so publishing machine-readable statistical classifications and other concept management systems as SKOS instances is desired. The XKOS developers found that SKOS was insufficient for the problem. No aspect of SKOS was found to be wrong, just incomplete. Therefore, an extension to SKOS, called XKOS, is proposed.

More details: XKOS - Extended Knowledge Organization System

Web Site Group

Charge: Development and maintenance of the DDI Alliance web site.