Working Group on „Semantic Interoperability and Conceptual Framework”

Description / Mission

This group will focus on conceptual and semantic issues impacting the problem space. There are draft guidelines for vocabularies (a.k.a. terminologies, classifications, ontologies, etc.) and how they are managed and published. These will form one basis of the work. Additionally, a conceptual framework for data-sharing activities has been discussed and drafted but is in early stages of development. This framework is critical in communicating and organizing the outputs from all of the other working groups. Other activities may be identified as the work proceeds.

A key task of this group will be to help other groups coordinate in those areas where semantic and conceptual alignment is needed.


  • Develop and finalize a draft of the Conceptual Framework

    • Further develop the Guidelines for Vocabularies (initiated in the 2019 workshop)

    • Finding a terminology/vocabulary

    • Adopting a terminology/vocabulary

    • Adapting/designing a terminology/vocabulary

    • Making a terminology FAIR

  • Collaborate with and support work in other groups

    • Positioning of group guidelines/outputs within the Conceptual Framework

    • Indicators Graph in the Policy Monitoring Indicators group

    • Terminological/semantic harmonization within the Infectious Disease and Resilient Cities group

    • Others as needed


Collaboration platform: [name and link]

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Outputs: [link or subpage]

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Please contact the convenor if you are interested to join.


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