Codebook Group - Activity

Notes from Meetings and Emails

ATTENDEES: Wendy, Janet, Taina, Darren, Julian, Kerrin, Alexandre, Catherine, C.S. Roy (apologies if someone joined later and I missed them)

DDI Suite statement review:

  • Reviewed content to identify missing terminology needed to catch the eye of user groups such as qualitative researchers and concerns such as managing versioning and relating multiple products from a single study

    • I need more qualitative terms to direct them

    • I often have to explain to people describing qualitative data that they can use the free text to describe more fully what they want but the controlled vocabularies describe the TYPE of methodology used, so CVs are for categorizing the methodology used.

  • ACTION Item: Taina and Janet will take a closer look and recommend some additional wording in the areas mentioned

Codebook Description:

  • Need to add some addition uses

    • Use of file and variable level description

    • use and reuse of metadata- variable banks, question banks, ability to reuse that content

  • ACTION Item: Ask all members to look at this with the specific intent of making sure the description of content and usage is complete and termed in ways that users will recognize

Citation related issues:

  • We are testing out the approach with this set

  • It’s a central set of issues required to support discovery and access to data and we need a clear understanding of the information needed and HOW it is used to support discovery and interact with other systems such as DataVerse and other cataloging systems (NADA)

  • Approach:

    • Clarify problem to be resolved or capacity required

    • State both description of content being captured and how that content will be used

    • TC will provide a schema solution that the group can test out

    • Documentation needs to be provided by group

  • ACTION Item: Members need to look at these issues and suggest language for definition of if the needed content and its use. Comments should be made on the document and they will be moved to the appropriate issue in JIRA

  • ACTION Item: Think about the process of addressing issues and suggest changes and improvements to our work process

Action Items:

  • Add wording to DDI Suite document to cover other user groups such as qualitative

  • Check Codebook Description to ensure adequate terminology to reflect usage and coverage

  • Citation change issue list - clarify descriptions and usage of requested items

  • Comment for the purpose of improving the process we use to review issues