Norway Sprint, May 2016



This Sprint has a primary focus of finalizing, documenting, and testing the Codebook Functional View.  During this week participants will be divided into groups to accomplish these goals.

Codebook and Methodology content developers will work closely with modelers and people from the production framework to finalize the Codebook Functional View.  The methodology group will also look forward to continuing their work with the Methodology model and expanding its current list of methods. 

Traditional codebook/DDI 2.x users also will be invited to this Sprint to create a checklist and documentation of use cases and ways of exploiting the Codebook Functional View.  These will be used to inform the developers for future developments and possible uses that are currently not accounted for.

Outcomes of the Norway Sprint include but are not limited to:

  • Final Codebook Functional View, possibly related XML and RDF instances
  • A “repository” of methodologies from the Methodology content developers
  • Checklist and/or documentation of how current Codebook/DDI 2.x users would like to see and/or codebook

Preparing for the Sprint

Read or ReviewLink
Codebook comparisonDocument
How to create a Functional viewDocument
Functional View - Business Perspective Document
Step-by-Step Functional ViewDocument

Local Information

The Norway Sprint will be held one week prior to the IASSIST Conference, on 23-27 May, 2016. The location: Knutholmen in Kalvåg, Norway. This is a nearly 4 hour boat ride from Bergen. We carefully selected the location and feel it is optimal for the work we will be doing. We were also sensitive to price and feel the overall cost is competitive in price to what you would find in a larger metropolitan area.

Hotel & Meals:

We have already reserved the following accommodations for each participant:

  • Accommodation in single room, Sunday night through Thursday night (5 nights)
  • Breakfast, Monday-Friday (5 days)
  • Hot lunch with dessert, Monday-Friday (5 days)
  • 3-course dinner, Sunday-Thursday (5 days)
  • (Soda with meals/breaks are not included and are provided at additional cost to each participant)

Cost per person: NOK 4,095 for meals, NOK 4,500 for single room.  Each participant will be responsible for paying for her/his own meals and room (you can make payment onsite by credit card -- no need to pay in advance).

If you would like to reserve additional nights at Knutholmen, please contact the hotel directly: Telephone: 577 96 900, Email: Additional nights can be added for NOK 995 per person (this includes breakfast).

Meeting space:

We have reserved meeting space for the Sprint, including a large meeting room, as well as a smaller break-out room.  Space will include technical equipment, including projector and flip chart.  Fresh fruit, coffee/tea, and cakes will be available during breaks. The DDI Alliance is covering the meeting space expenses.


Each participant is responsible for her/his own transportation to and from Kalvåg.  The hotel has travel information, here:  

To get to the hotel from Bergen, you take a boat to Smørhamn (5 km from the hotel).  There is a bus directly to Kalvåg/Knutholmen to all departure/arrivals with this boat.  According to the hotel, "You don’t need schedual for this because the bus are waiting for you." The bus stop to take in Kalvåg has the name Kalvåg (you can also tell the bus driver that you are headed to Knutholmen). The boat schedule:  According to the schedule, the boat departs Sunday at 16:30 from Bergen and arrives at Smørhamn at 20:20.  From Smørhamn to Bergen, you can traveling by the same boat Friday at 16:30 or Saturday at 8:05.  Tickets can be purchased online, here:

The hotel has requested that you post your travel times to/from the hotel here:

The hotel will use this information when planning your arrival/departure.  Please add your travel information to the Google Doc by Monday, 9 May.