TC Review - Prototype Change Log


TC Review of Prototype

The Technical Committee is charged with reviewing all parts of the DDI Prototype prior to public review. Specific review activities are listed as issues in the Jira project "Technical Committee". The change log below lists all changes made in the Model by the Technical Committee. Note that changes to the class, package, and functional view documentation are also being made and will not be recorded here.

Change Log
No. Date   Jira Issue       Change summary                                                                   Implications of change                                                                                             Review Relate DocumentationBuild             
 12018-03-01TC-24Added to ComplexDataType class TypedString; Changed datatype of TextDomain/regularExpression and ValueAndConceptDomain/regularExpression to TypedStringTypedString parallels TypedStructuredString with typeOfContent (ECVE) and content (xs:string); all properties "regularExpression" now have consistent datatype
 22018-03-01TC-32Removed CubeLayout and EventLayout from DataDescriptionViewreduced coverage of viewlist of included classes2018-03-02
 32018-03-01TC-31Removed CubeLayout and EventLayout from DescriptiveCodebookViewreduced coverage of viewlist of included classes2018-03-02
 42018-03-01TC-31Moved CubeLayout and EventLayout temporarily to SequenceLocationStructuresRemoved from Prototype publicationlist of included classes2018-03-02
 52018-03-01TC-30Added MethodologyOverview, AlgorithmOverview, and DesignOverview to DataManagementViewExpanded coverage of Viewlist of included classes 2018-03-02
 62018-03-01TC-33Split CustomMetadataView into CustomMetadataView and ContolledVocabularyView Moved ControlledVocabulary, VocabularyEntry, and VocabularyRelationStructure to new view; adds a new viewView documentation 2018-03-02
 72018-03-05TC-37PhysicalSegmentLocation moved to FormatDescriptionMakes content of extension base available to SegmentByTextView documentation 2018-03-06
 82018-03-05TC-39GeographicUnitTypeRelation/targe to targetCorrection of name 
 92018-03-05TC-40 Change effectivePeriod to effectiveDates type DateRange Brings this into line with similar properties with name and type change check class 2018-03-06 
 102018-03-05 TC-49 CustomStructure no longer abstract Includes this as a real class in binding 
 112018-03-05TC-47ValueMapping properties defaultDecimalSeparator and defaultDigitalGroupSeparator to OneCharStringBrings regExp OneCharString into usecheck class 2018-03-06
 122018-03-05TC-20Changed name WorkflowSequenceIndicator to WorkflowStepSequenceIndicatorName change for consistencycheck class and package 2018-03-06
 132018-03-05 TC-46Added InstanceVariable, InstanceVariableRelationStructure, LogicalRecord, LogicalRecordRelationStructure to DataManagementView Expands coverageView documentation 2018-03-06 
 142018-03-05TC-41Addressed name clashes between name and target nameResults in many name changes through the addition of "has" "uses" etc. Examples will need to review for update.Class and high level documentation (use list on TC-41) 2018-03-06
 152018-03-06TC-46Added DataStore and UnitDataRecord to DataManagementView; removed LogicalRecord (abstract)Corrects expanded coverageView documentation 2018-03-07 
 162018-03-06 TC-32  Removed LogicalRecord (a) from DataDescriptionViewNo effect on XMLView documentation 2018-03-07 
 172018-03-06 TC-31 Removed LogicalRecord (a) from DescriptiveCodebookViewNo effect on XML View documentation 2018-03-07 
 182018-03-07 TC-56  Corrected entry error affecting IntenationalStructuredString and SpatialPointCorrection of entry error - don't use build 9dc6a73 None 2018-03-08 
 192018-03-15 TC-64  Corrected typo in hasLocalAccessCon[t]rol Correction of nameNone 2018-03-16 
 202018-03-15TC-50IN BusinessProcessCondition
REMOVE property annotation
REMOVE property dataset (type: LogicalRecordIndicator)
ADD relationship usesLogicalRecord (target LogicalRecord) source cardinality 0..n target cardinality 0..1
Altered content of class (properties and relationships) Review class documentation and usage documentation 2018-03-16 
 212018-03-15 TC-60

 ProcessStep (pattern), WorkflowStep, and SampleFrame change hasInParameter and hasOutParameter source cardinality to 0..1
UnitDataViewpoint change all composition source cardinalities to 0..1

CorrespondenceTable change hasPublication to Neither

Changed source cardinality or relationship type to address XMI errors. THIS IS A TEST TO SEE IF THIS CORRECTS THE ERROR REPORT IF TEST IS SUCCESSFUL alter Modeling Rules on cardinalities2018-03-06 
 222018-03-15  TC-57CustomInstance should realize SimpleCollection
remove isStructuredBy relationship from CustomInstance. If a structure is needed in this case it should be defined in the CustomStructure.
CustomInstance should have a relationship named "correspondsTo" that points to CustomStructure source 0..* target 0..1
REMOVE CustomValueRelationStructure from CustomMetadataView
Class content for CustomInstance; reduces content of CustomMetadataView Review class and view level documentation 2018-03-16 
 232018-03-17 TC-60 ProcessStep (pattern), WorkflowStep, and SampleFrame change hasInParameter and hasOutParameter source cardinality to 0..1
UnitDataViewpoint change all composition source cardinalities to 0..1 
Changed source cardinality or relationship type to address XMI errors. THIS IS A TEST TO SEE IF THIS CORRECTS THE ERROR REPORT IF TEST IS SUCCESSFUL alter Modeling Rules on cardinalities2018-03-18
 242018-03-22 TC-74

 Added definingConcept target Concept Neither source 0..n target 0..n
The conceptual basis for the collection of members.
Realizations edited:
WorkflowStepSequence , CustomInstance , LogicalRecord , ViewpointRole , DataPipeline , ConceptSystem , CodeList , DataStore , ClassificationFamily , ClassificationSeries , ClassificationIndex , CustomStructure , ControlledVocabulary , DataCollection , PhysicalSegmentSet , AnalyticMetadataSet , LogicalSegmentSet , PhysicalDataCollection , DataStoreLibrary , PhysicalDataSet , VariableCollection , PhysicalSegmentLayout , StudySeries , AgentListing , CatalogOfItems , PhysicalRecordSegment , CDELibrary , UnitDataRecord

Added Concept to:

AgencyRegistryView, DataManagementView

Expands content of all collections by relationship to definingConcept 

Expanded View

Consider reviewing documentation of containing class and 2 expanded views2018-03-23
 252018-03-22 TC-72 Changed target of ContactInformation electronicMessaging to ElectronicMessagingSystemCorrected earlier error. Changes ElectronicMessageSystem from orphan to used none2018-03-23 
 262018-03-22 TC-71 Added VariableStatistics Aggregation source 0..n target 0..n to PhysicalDataSet
Variable Statistics related to the Physical Data Set. May be summary or category level statistics.
Added relationship to PhysicalDataSet Parent class 2018-03-23 
 272018-03-22 TC-70 Changed hasOutputParameter in ResponseDomain to composition source cardinality 0..1cardinality and relationship type changes none 2018-03-23 
 282018-03-22 TC-65 Added Coverage, SpatialCoverage, TemporalCoverage and TopicalCoverage to DataManagementViewExpanded coverage review view documentation 2018-03-23 
 292018-03-22 TC-58,  TC-38, TC-51, TC-34CustomValueRelationStructure - move to Deleted
LayoutComponentRelation - move to Deleted
Create ClassesOnHOLD (unpublished) and add:
AnalyticMetadatumIndicator, AnalyticMetadatumRelation, CatalogItemIndicator, CatalogItemRelation, CDEIndicator, CDERelation, DataCollectionIndicator, LogicalResourceIndicator, LogicalSegmentIndicator, PhysicalSegmentIndicator, Note
cleans ophan (unused classes) from buildnone 2018-03-23 
 302018-03-23TC-58 CORRECTION: missed moving CDERelation on yesterday's build  see abovenone2018-03-24 
 312018-03-29 TC-77 Source Cardinality changed to 0..n: for InstrumentComponent/hasInstructions, InstrumentComponent/hasExternalAids, ConceptualVariable/takesSubstantiveConceptsFrom, CodeList/references
Source and Target Cardinality changed to 0..n: AppliedUse/hasGuide, Result/evaluateAgainstGoal, Study/hasBudget, StatisticalClassification/predecessor, StatisticalClassification/successor, GeographicUnitClassification/isReplacedBy, GeographicUnitTypeClassification/isReplacedBy, GeographicUnitClassification/replaces, GeographicUnitTypeClassification/replaces
FLIPPED values of Source and Target Cardinalities: BooleanResponseDomain/forCategory, ResponseDomain/intendedRepresentation, CodeListResponseDomain/specifyOtherCorrespondingCode, CodeListResponseDomain/specifyOtherResponseDomain, CodeListResponseDomain/usesCodeList, PhysicalRecordSegment/representsPopulation
All cardinalities (source/target) of relationships are now entered consistently to support a global swap when creating the canonical XMI none 2018-03-30 
 322018-03-29 TC-68 In WorkflowService change interface to serviceInterface 0..n (name and cardinality change)
In Machine change interface to machineInterface (name change)
In Annotation change abstract to summary (name change - summary is not used elsewhere) 
 corrects conflict with Java reserved class namesnone 2018-03-30 
 332018-03-30TC-86ConceptSystemCorrespondence changed property name from "contains" to "correspondence" to accurately realize the pattern class ComparisonProperty name change only. Does not affect Functional Views. Documentation also correctednone2018-03-31


Documentation corrections made on first day of Pre-NADDI working session. Reviewing corrections based changes log entries. No change to model. Documentation OnlyNone 2018-04-03 
35 2018-04-03TC-102 Documentation corrections made on first day of Pre-NADDI working session. Reviewing corrections based changes log entries No change to model. Documentation OnlyNone 2018-04-04 
36 2018-04-09 TC-102 Documentation corrections resulted in lose of target LanguageSpecifcStructuredString changing it to AccessLocation If you have not downloaded since 2018-04-03 you won't notice the difference. Change effects validation of DynamicText in pervious buildNone 2018-04-10 
37 2018-04-11 TC-108 SamplingSesign implementedBy spelling correction loss of a misnamed class name in SamplingDesign None 2018-04-10 
38 2018-04-11 TC-106 Added hasAgentListing to Study. Added the following to DescriptiveCodebookView: AgentListing, AgentRelationStructure
Additional content for Study and DescriptiveCodebookView 

check Study and Descriptive

Codebook View 

39 2018-04-11 TC-101 In ProcessSequence change hasMemberIndicator to contains. Changed realizes in WorkflowStepSequence to ProcessSequence
overwrites inherited contains and removed hasMemberIndicator. Change of realization target in WorkflowStepSequence. None2018-04-10 
40 2018-04-11 TC-100 added definition to Unit (inherited by GeographicUnit) added standard propertyNone 2018-04-10 
412018-04-17XB-7Agent, Id, and Version were placed in sequence BEFORE choice list of contents in XML binding in order to enforce requirement for content. May invalidate some examples as all three are required and they must occur before other elements and in orderNone2018-04-18
422018-04-17XB-8All complexTypes extending from ReferenceType are in face simpleContent and should use that formNo impact on XML examples. Resolves error message with XMLSpyNone2018-04-18
43 2018-04-26 TC-123Changed enumeration "collapsed" in WhiteSpaceRule to "Collapsed" to meeting consistency rule.If used in an example. Example will exhibit parsing error. Change to Upper Camel CaseNone 2018-04-27 
44 2018-04-26 TC-124  Modified documentation of ISODateTypeNoneNone 2018-04-27 
45 2018-05-03TC-118 ComplianceStatement: change relationship name to definingConcept RDF change in class name - check examples for useNone2018-05-04
462018-05-03 TC-63 Rename OneCharString to Char RDF change in class name -content user will see no changeNone 2018-05-04 
47 2018-05-03 TC-99  AgentAssociation internal relationship renamed to associatedAgentRDF change in class name - check examples for useNone 2018-05-04 
482018-05-10TC-111versionRationale changed to a ComplexDataType RationaleDefinition containing rationaleDescription 0..1 InternationalString and rationaleCode 0..1 ECVENew ComplexDataType (RDF)Review documentation of Indentifiable2018-05-11

Added classes to:

DataManagementView - SubstantiveValueDomain and SentinelValueDomain (so one can declare the data type of the parameter)
DataCaptureInstrument - Parameter, SubstantiveValueDomain and SentinelValueDomain (so one can declare the data type of the parameter)

NoneReview Functional View documentation. Spreadsheets are updated.2018-05-11
502018-05-11TC-89, TC-120, TC-119isStructuredBy now consistently Neither; ConceptualInstrument/organizes now Aggregation; hasInputParameter now consistently Composition; InstrumentComponent/hasInstructions and hasExternalAids both made singular (sans s); ClassificationItem/caseLaw, DesignOverview/expressesAlgorithm, TargtSample/fromUniverse and hasUnitType, Result/hasAppliedUse, SpatialCoverage/hasBoundingBox, ClassificationIndex/maintenanceUnit, ConceptSystemCorrespondence/maps, SampleFrame/sourceFrame, and UnitType/usesConcept are now all Neither. (change list is on TC-119)InstrumentComponent/hasInstructions and hasExternalAids both made singular (sans s) will require change in examples; Change of Aggregations to Neither may have implications for Canonical XMI.Notified example creator2018-05-12
51 2018-05-24  TC-130

Process Pattern:  

REMOVE: ProcessStepIndicator, ProcessStepRelation, ProcessSequence
Process - hasProcessSequence --> organizedBy target ProcessControlStep

No effect in XML binding; Name changes, loss of classes possible in abstract classes in RDFI have updated - review2018-05-25 
522018-05-24 TC-130 


Name changes:

ConditionalControlConstruct to ConditionalControlStep

WorkflowStepIndicator to WorkflowStepOrder

Added abstract classes: WorkflowControlStep, TemporalRelationControlStep

Changed extension base:

ConditionalControlStep, TemporalRelationControlStep, and WorkflowStepSequence to WorkflowControlStep

Split and SplitJoin to TemporalRelationControlStep

Name and content changes primarily to abstract classes. 

No effect in XML binding; Name changes, loss of classes possible in abstract classes in RDF

I have updated - review2018-05-25 
53 2018-05-24 TC-130 

 Functional View changes:

DataCaptureView: WorkflowMasterSequenceDELETED

DataManagementView: StructuredWorkflowStepsDELETED, WorkflowMasterSequenceDELETED ,WorkflowStepRelationStructureAXED

Wendy will review Data Management examples and make any needed changes in names. Data Capture example will also be affected

Review for change2018-05-25 
542018-05-29 TC-130 

Funcational View  change:

SamplingView: WorkflowMasterSequenceDELETED removed

 Missed removing on original Wendy will correct exampleReview for change 2018-05-30 
552018-06-07 TC-92 Model: Added property displayLabel to Concept (removed from sub-types Population, Universe, UnitType, Category, ConceptualVariable as it is now inherited)Added property, should be handled by standard transformation rulesReview documentation on Concept 2018-06-08 
56 2018-06-14 TC-16 Model: In InstanceVariable changed variableRole to variableFunction, target to ECVE, cardinality to 0..n and updated documentationRenamed property and changed target and cardinality Review examples using Instance Variable 2018-06-15 
57 2018-06-14  TC-45 Model packaging: Created RegularExpression package; moved regular expressions to new package, edited name of EnumerationRegExp package to Enumeration; renamed ComplexDataType to StructuredDataTypes; moved Char and IsoDateType to RegularExpressions Check for any ramifications of changing ComplexDataTypes in bindings if the package name was used in any way during transformationChange ComplexDataTypes to StructuredDataTypes throughout documentation (have fun with that)2018-06-15 
58 2018-06-14  TC-129, TC-95 Model: Created EnumerationDomain (abstract), changed extension base of CodeList, StatisticalClassification, GeographicUnitClassification, and GeographicUnitTypeClassification; created CodeRelation, CodeRelationStructure, ClassificationItemRelation, ClassificationItemRelationStructure; changed target of changed target of enumeratedvaluedomain to abstract type EnumeratedDomain in Substative and Sentinal Value Domain New data types. Review Functional Views for any orphan classes Review examples for implications of name changes 2018-06-15 
592018-07-17 TC-44 

Model: Changed LanguageSpecificStructuredString to support a variety of structured texts types by specifying the structure  used and entering the content using escape characters ( i.e.  > would appear as >).

Changes: LanguageSpecificStructuredString now extends LanguageSpecificString

Added to LanguageSPecificString: property scope type xs:string 0..1

Added to LanguageSpecificStructuredString: isStructuredBy type StringStructureType (enumeration) 0..1; otherDefined type xs:string 0..1 to define a structure not in enumeration   

2018-07-17 changed property isStructuredBy to structureUsed to avoid name conflict

2018-07-28 XML still exhibiting a validation error based on changes made to correct TC-44; XML binding is currently not valid but corrections to transformation are underway

New enumeration; change using extention base and added properties 

All examples not using XHTML structure should be OK. Those using it should replace with escape characters. Remove XHTML declaration in XML header. Review any documentation on structured strings not generated by class documentation.

Examples are being updated with each iteration

60 2018-07-17 TC-43 

Changed properties using languageSpecification in StatisticalClassification, ClassificationIndex, Annotation, DynamicText, Image, and Software. Specific property names may vary by class.


FROM: availableLanguages type LanguageSpecification 0..1

TO: availableLanguages type xs:language 0..n

No change in model, no change in RDF. Moved properties found in StatisticalClassification, ClassificationIndex, Annotation, DynamicText, Image, and Software from elements to attributesCheck XML examples for use and change to attributes 2018-07-18 
612018-07-18TC-99ClassificationItemRelationStructure replaced with CodeRelationStructure in DataDescriptionView and DescriptiveCodebook ViewNo change requiredexamples have been updated2018-07-19
62 2018-07-19 TC139 ProcessOverview aligned with Process added name, removed hasProcessSequence, adding organizedByWorkflowControlStepDocumentation was corrected also 2018-07-20 
63 2018-07-19  TC-94 revised documentation TC-94 removing line regarding extending to other GSIM node type No change in modelnone 2018-07-20  
64 2018-07-20 TC-141 RationaleDefinition changed both property namee to lowerCamelCaseNo change in model none 2018-07-21 
65 2018-07-20 TC-142 Updated documentation in WorkflowStepOrder, WorkflowStepSequence and changed extension base of ProcessStep to Identifiable ProcessStep changed extension Base from CollectionMember to Identifiablenone 2018-07-21 
66 2018-07-26 TC-144Added ConceptSystem and ConceptRelationStructure to DataCaptureInstrumentView No change to model, addition to view Review  View level documentation. WLT will handle spreadsheets and view examples2018-07-27 
67 2018-07-26 TC-143 

Changed relationship to isSpecifiedBy / ProcessStep / 0..n 0..1/neither
Added relationship executes / ProcessStep / 0..n 0..n/ aggregation
Added executes / WorkflowStep / 0..n 0..n/ aggregation
removed redundant executesConcurrently
removed redundant executesConcurrently
Added explanatory note regarding duel expression of WorkflowSteps in the sequence. This should disappear following review of transformation rules which impact UML modeling.
Added executes / WorkflowStepSequence / 0..n 0..1/ aggregation (restricting to WorkflowStepSequence and 0..1 target)
changed elseContains to elseExecutes
changed thenContains to thenExecutes

All classes realizing Process changed isOrganizedBy to isSpecifiedBy:


Pattern change resulting in cascade changes in relationship names. Names were pre-checked to avoid name clashes with existing names.

Changes were made and filtered through to realizations in Workflows. This causes a WorkflowStepSequence to have an orderedSteps to define order and an executes to list included WorkflowSteps. A note was added to expain the role of both and the fact that this should be resolved in future review of transformation rules from UML to bindings. 

Review high level documents. Class level documentation was corrected. WLT will handle spreadsheets and view examples2018-07-27 
682018-07-31TC-148Typo in property name hasRelationSpecification in ConceptRelation and CustomItemRelationCorrected no major change to modelWill catch in final example validations2018-08-01
69 2018-08-01 TC-149 CatagoryStatistic relationship forCodeItem target changed from CodeIndicater (structureddatatype) to Designation (abstract)Minor change in model None anticipated; examples will be corrected 2018-08-02 
70 2018-08-01TC-98 Update of documentation in InstanceVariableRelationStructureNo change in modelNone 2018-08-02 
712018-08-03TC-143Changed Statistic to content=xs:double and added TypeOfNumericValue xs:string to comply with current XML transformation, ImageArea from coordinate to content xs:string, and SpatialCoordinate coordinateValue to content xs:string. These are primarily for the prototype. They will be reviewed with modeling issues in post-prototypeChange in structure of Statistic, ImageArea, and SpatialCoordinate. XML now validates!Examples updated2018-08-04
722018-08-03TC-143In review of XML transformation found that although rule has not been written to provide default values, the prescribed documentation of default values was not done consistently. Documentation has been corrected. NoneNone2018-08-04
73 2018-08-09 TC-153  Metadata Driven Action documentation changedNoneNone2018-08-10
74 2018-08-09 TC-125  Move following to package ClassesOnHOLD:
CustomValueRelation is an orphan as there is no realization of a structured CustomInstance (just simple which does not use this)
DescribedRelationship not currently used by class outside of ClassesOnHOLD [note]
StandardKeyValuePair not currently used by class outside of ClassesOnHOLD [note]
Move to Tossed:
ViewpointRoleRelation not currently used, only collection is simple - previous users are all in Tossed
WorkflowStepRelation collection is no longer part of pattern
WorkflowStepSequenceIndicator collection is no longer part of pattern
None None 2018-08-10
752018-08-09  TC-152 NumberRange label changed to displayLabel NoneNone2018-08-10
762018-08-09TC-151  Added Code and CodeRelationStructure to ConceptualContentView None Check view level documentation.; spreadsheet has been updated2018-08-10
772018-08-09 TC-150  InstanceVariable measures target=Population 0..1
Change RepresentedVariable measures target=Universe to drawsFrom
Population change extension base to Universe, remove descriptiveText, usesConcept (inherited)
None Check class level documentati2018-08-10
782018-08-09 XB-10 In DocumentInforamtion ofType has been moved to a required element outside of choice
None None2018-08-10
792018-08-09XB-13uml:REAL is now transformed to xs:double to support xs:decimal, xs:floe, and xs:doubleRDF needs to reflect similar changes None 2018-08-10
802018-08-23TC-154 ValueMapping relationship. The relationship formatsDataPoint was flipped. It is now correct in Lion as source 1..1 target 0..nNone None 2018-08-24 
81 2018-08-28 TC-155




NoneCheck description at view level2018-08-29 
822018-08-29 TC-155 

SamplingView Add CodeRelationstructure REMOVE ClassificationRelationStructure

CustomMetadataView REMOVE ClassificationRelationStructure

NoneCheck description at view level2018-08-30