TC Virtual Work Meeting - 2-6 May 2022

The May 2022 work meeting will focus on the shift to the COGS production system resolving issues of input from XSD and XMI, input rules, accuracy of resulting CSV files, nested choice (XML centric structures), and other identified structural issues.

Pre-Virtual Work Meeting Activities


Address issues raised on conversion of conversion of schema to COGS as starting point for a clean model


Action: Jon Johnson, Bill Norley, Wendy Thomas

LINK to issues regarding review and content items

XMI / CDI - COGS enhancements

Review of CDI XMI

Review of Achim's draft which provides a description of UML that can be used for this style of modeling

Action: Flavio and Larry

Identified issues:

  • Cardinality of both source and target

  • Relationship types - aggregations, compositions may not be relevant

  • Uses and dependencies (patterns)

  • TC-209 and TC-80 relate to this work

Agenda Items

Sessions start at: 09:00 CDT (15:00 UK, 16:00 Europe)


The structure of the sessions will be

09:00 Discussion items

11:00 Break out for further discussions & work arising from Discussion items


  • Outstanding issues from DDIToCOGS work

  • Validation of DDI XML from COGS vs published instances


  • Review of current outputs

    • Requirements

    • Structure

    • Transformation rules

    • Validation

    • Documentation

  • Prioritisation of outputs

    • XML

    • RDF/OWL

    • UML <-> XMI

    • JSON

      • JSON, GraphQL

    • Languages

      • C#, Java, Python

Link to Notes:


  • XMI / CDI COGS content needs

    • Requirements

    • Means of input to COGS


  • To be decided


  • To be decided