Washington, D.C. pre-NADDI Working Meeting


This 3-day working meeting will focus on the documentation for the DDI 4 Prototype, which is scheduled to be released in mid-2018. 

Draft Agenda




Documentation Status Review

Technical Committee Change Log Review

Complete View Documents (Sampling, Geographic)

Examples (Study Description, Geographic)

Views Overview


Geographic View/Examples

Sampling View/Examples

Functional View Overview Generic/Detailed

TC Change Log review


PROT/DMT Issue Resolution - Johan

Agent Registry View/Examples - Larry

Sampling View/Examples - Dan G.

Editorial Work - Kelly

XML example coherence - Johan

  • Update Flavio's Patterns Doc diagrams
  • Sampling View Description
  • Structured Geography View Description
  • Cross reference TC/Documentation tracker
  • Consolidate all View-level documents
  • Consolidate all DDI-4 Overview documents
  • Framework for editorial work
  • Study Description Example
  • Update all XML examples in documentation - replace 'abstract' with 'summary'
  •  Wendy to update the prototype views class spreadsheets
  • Add View description content into LION
  • Agent Registry View complete
  • Confirm restricted classes in the view docs - Johan
  • Edit XML examples for style/coherency

Preparation Information

Dates: April 2-4, 2018

Working meeting will take place in the Janet Norwood Conference Center at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, prior to the NADDI Conference.

Bureau of Labor Statistics
Postal Square Building
2 Massachusetts Ave., N.E.
Washington, DC 20212-0001

Government-issued Photo ID is required for entry

The visitor's entrance is on 1st Street, N.E.  

Kelly Chatainkchatain@umich.edu
Dan Gillmangillman.daniel@bls.gov
Oliver Hopt (remote)Oliver.Hopt@gesis.org
Larry Hoylelarryhoyle@ku.edu
Wendy Thomaswlt@umn.edu
Johan Fihn Marbergjohan.fihn@snd.gu.se
Achim Wackerow (remote)joachim.wackerow@gesis.org
Eric Prud'hommeaux (remote)eric@w3.org
Jon Jonson (remote)spuddybike@gmail.com