DDI 4 Prototype - Comment and Review

This page provides coverage information for the DDI 4 Prototype Review plus links to the following:
  • Status report on each review document
  • Link to the review package
  • Link to the comment form
  • Link to the DDI 4 Drupal site
  • Link back to GENERAL REVIEW information and useful documents 
Special Issues:

Review comments are sought on any or all of the following aspects of DDI4:

  • UML model
  • Individual bindings
  • Documentation content and structure
  • Functional Views - concept and implementation
  • Patterns - concept and implementation of Collections, Process, Methodology, and Signification
  • Overall development process
  • Coverage
  • Specific regions of the model (i.e. conceptual and representation)

Library Packages and Functional Views in Release

Library Packages

(part of package)


Functional Views

(part of package)

Examples of Functional Views

(All XML Examples are found in Prototype Package bindings/xsd/examples)

AgentsMethodology PatternAgent Registry ViewAgent Registry View
Business WorkflowPrimitivesConceptual Content View
Collections PatternProcess PatternControlled Vocabulary ViewControlled Vocabularies View
ConceptualRegular ExpressionsCustom Metadata View

Custom Structure;

Custom Instance

Custom MetadataRepresentationsData Capture Instrument View

Data Capture View Example

If Then Else

Simple Questionnaire 

Data CaptureSampling MethodologyData Description View

Hierarchical Code List Example;

Format Description Example

DiscoverySignification PatternData Management ViewDDI4 ALPHA 6.1 Data Management View
EnumerationsSimple CodebookDescriptive Codebook View

Australian Election Study Subset;

Australian Election Study Subset Study Only

Format DescriptionSimple Methodology OverviewSampling ViewSampling View Example With Split
Geographic ClassificationStructured Data TypesStatistical Classification Viewstatclass_ex(naics_sic)
IdentificationStudy RelatedStructured Geography View

Geography Example 1;

Geography Example 2

Logical Data DescriptionUtility


Useful background documents:


Link to Review Package

Package generated by production process, based on commit 61893f0, RDFS/OWL, and Canonical XMI processes.


  • Bindings
    • RDF: vocabulary, examples, and documents
    • XSD: xsd schemas, and examples
  • Source
    • xmi.xmi (produced from production process)
    • ddi4psm.xsd.xmi (derived from xmi.xmi)
    • Canonical: (xmi and related documents)
  • Documentation
    • doctrees
    • html

Supplementary Documentation:


Follow the link "submit comment" to the issue tracking page for the Technical Committee. Click on the "+" sign in the left sidebar and following the instructions.

IN THE SUMMERY LINE: Please enter the name of the document you are commenting on, a page number, and section and/or object name.

PLEASE submit a separate comment for each issue.

Please note your name and email at the beginning of the description


Link to Drupal development site

NOTE: Drupal is a development site so may reflect changes made AFTER the generation of the build used for the review. Some changes will be the result of review issue resolution, others the result of continued development work.


Library Package

In DDI 4, a group of classes within the Library related by a theme. The Class Library for DDI 4 encompasses the entire DDI 4.0 model, but without any specific schemas or vocabularies for Functional Views. Classes contain primitives and extended primitives and are the building blocks used to construct the Functional Views.

Functional View

 In DDI 4, a functional view identifies a set of classes that are needed to perform a specific task. It primarily consists of a set of references to specific versions of classes. Functional views are the method used to restrict the portions of the model that are used, and as such they function very much like DDI profiles in DDI 3.*.


Contact Information:

For questions regarding the review process please contact the Technical Committee list ddi-srg@icpsr.umich.edu or the Technical Committee Chair, Wendy Thomas wlt@umn.edu