Ottawa NADDI MRT Sprint, April 2019

Puropse of the Ottawa NADDI MRT Sprint, April 2019

The DDI4 Core Modelling Representation and Testing Lifecycle (MRT) working group focuses on the iterative lifecycle of modeling, representation, and testing. The Ottawa NADDI Sprint meeting in April 2019 focuses on MRT related topics as specified in the agenda. For further information about the work of the MRT group, see the MRT pages on the Wiki.


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For related content, please see the MRT NADDI Sprint 2019 page.

Participants, affiliation, participation mode and contact details
Arofan GregoryInvited expertin
Dan Gillman US Bureau of Labor Statisticsin
Flavio RizzoloStatistics Canadain or
Hilde OrtenNSD - Norwegian Centre for Research Datain
Jay GreenfieldInvited
Joachim WackerowGESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciencesin
Larry HoyleUniversity of Kansasin
Oliver HoptGESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social
Wendy ThomasMinnesota Population Center, University of Minnesotain

Meeting time and details

Venues and time

April 22

The Business Inn & Suites, MacLaren St, Ottawa in the Gilmour room (located on the 2nd floor)

April 23 and 24

Statistics Canada Main Building, Innovation Centre and Innovation Lab 150 Tunney's Pasture, Ottawa

Flavio and Farrah will meet everyone in the lobby of the main building at 8:45 am on both Tuesday and Wednesday for registration procedures.

They will follow us to and from the meeting rooms both days.

Daily meeting time

Daily meeting time all days: 9am to approx. 5pm

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