2017-09-19 Meeting notes




  • This was an interim meeting, held to accelerate the resolution of comments CWG-2 and CWG-4.

Discussion items

90 minutesCWG-2All
  • We discussed CWG-2. Wendy previously added a link to StatDCAT-AP - DCAT Application Profile to statistical data sets. This document was created by Eurostat. We set to determine that the properties identified in the spec are covered in Simple Codebook. All seem to be, with a couple of exceptions. The Landing Page property may not be appropriate. This and possibly some others are really about a registry of data sets, and this is out of scope for Simple Codebook. The other area of concern is around periodicity or frequency. Reference Date allows for an interval to be expressed. However, will use4rs be able to see that this is place for recording periodicity?

 0 CWG-4 All We ran out of time to consider this comment. We will address this at the next meeting, scheduled for Tuesday 26 September.

Action items