DDI Codebook Version 2.6

DRAFT 2.6 for internal review available covering minor bugs/typos and citation related issues that were resolved. All issues now have status “In Review”

Minutes of meeting on 2021-01-26 concerning Controlled Vocabulary Issues has been added below

DRAFT DDI Codebook 2.6 (2020-12-14) (codebook.xsd) - table indicates issues entered

Controlled Vocabulary discussion - Background and general approach






current dc-terms ddi mapping does not support all new dc-terms


Dublin Core elements were not added to docSrcType


All citation elements describing individuals need to support a unique ID and ID schema


Citation does not provide language of the item cited


Formatting error in online documentation


Spelling error in online documentation


var/represenation and var/qstn/responseDomainType should be expanded to include current 3.3 options


Data file language


Problem with missing element for global PIDs (also resolves DDICODE-60)

A growing list of issues have been filed and will be addressed in version 2.6. Version 2.6 will again be backward compatible with earlier versions (an instance writing in an older version will validate against Version 2.6). We are continuing to accept new issues and would like those working with Codebook in relationship to CESSDA projects, DataVerse, and other large projects to file issues so that we can address them in this new version. To facilitate this the following list provides a real time look at the issues that have been filed and their current status. To see the full content of an issue, click on the item number in the Key column. New issues can be filed by clicking HERE