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Meeting Summary

DayStrategic Planning / IntegrationMapping / InteroperabilityProduction Process



Design approaches (history)

Dagstuhl output for DDI4 mappingReview COGS*


 Plenary: Strategic Direction for DDI Products
Design approaches - written up from notes
      What has been the position of DDI over time?
      Current goals
      Binding requirements/restrictions
      Pro’s and con’s of different approaches
Production work - in terms of lifecycle its pretty clear for post 3.3 and just needs writing up - Wendy is looking at Codebook - DDI4 identified discussion points that need to be written up
     Confirmation of production goals identified in original decision
     What is the pipeline – where does design take place?
     Walkthrough of COGS to clarify or answer questions
     Confirm priorities and layout of the weeks work
DDI Resolution - did not get to
Controlled Vocabulary production system X

Best Practices: enhancements & additions X

Integration of DDI products (will probably continue into tomorrow) - notes to write up - updated the procedures document based on discussion
      What does this mean in terms of the DDI standard and in terms of the related products? (CVs, XKOS, ones under development)
      Pro’s and con’s of different approaches
      Implications for Mapping / Interoperability and Production
      What is the role and market for each product?
      What is unique about DDI?
Identification of points to lay out for DDI membership in terms of product integration – to be drafted during meeting - notes write up post meeting
Clear statement of current design approaches overall and for specific products where needed -notes write up post meeting
Mapping options and selection of approach for continued work during the week - content in spreadsheets, use of broader conceptual model to present to users
Mapping requirements and rules – draft notes
Production work requirements, priorities, and activities for the week X

 Tuesday AM

Integration (continued)

Mapping goals - started with major classes from DDI4 but held on detail until DDI4 Core finalized
      How to map - how will we go about this in terms of existing standards and going forward
      How to express mapping to support understanding and implementation
      What are the use cases where metadata is passed to other standards?
      What are the goals of cross-version mapping?


Specific issues to be addressed during week:

TC-207, TC-205, TC-204, TC-209, TC-203, TC-189, TC-163

Specific issues to be addressed during week:

TC-207, TC-203, TC-167

Specific issues to be addressed during week:

TC-1, 205, TC-204, TC-78, TC-3, TC-209, TC-80, DMT-195


Discussion on Roadmap and Design Rules

Controlled Vocabularies  TC-201

Example CV with language toggle: DataSourceType.html

DDI 3.3 majority done - cleaning up entry review items found in validation checks


DDI 3.3


DDI 3.3