Technical Committee


Upcoming Agenda Items

2022-08-18 DDI-CDI Bitbucket proposal, DDI Alliance Atlassian Membership Management, Follow-up tasks from 1-5 August meeting

2022-08-25 DDI Codebook Review Page, Meeting report, CV work update

Production Framework: Information on the production framework for each DDI product.

DDI Modeling Guidelines

The Technical Committee is in the process of defining guidelines that would address modeling issues across the range of DDI versions where possible. These reflect changes in the production process, use of multiple binding options, and the varied use of DDI content. While individual versions  are not required to follow these guidelines, variance from them should be noted and explained. Guidelines are found HERE and are available for comment.

TC Work Plan

Work Plan Page 

List major work projects, projected time frame, and priority

Current GANTT chart periods:

July 2021 - December 2022

Previous GANTT chart periods:

Q1 2020 - Q2 2021

Q2 2017 - Q1 2018

Includes GANTT chart for 2-Quarter Periods with comment section on completed periods.


Roadmap work - tracking and discussion page

COGS production platform -

LOD Infrastructure

DDI-Codebook 2.6 Public Review

DDI-Codebook 2.6 and future development

DDI-Lifecycle version 3.4 - technical development

DDI Suite Overview - Mapping DDI

Best Practice production - List of of related issues

Issue Trackers Managed by TC

The Technical Committee manages a number of JIRA issue trackers related to their work:

DDI Codebook Issues (DDICODE)

DDI Lifecycle Issues (DDILIFE)

DDI Technical Committee (TC)

DDI 4 Q1 2015 Review (DMFQA) - all issues have been closed, tracker is closed

DDI 4 Q2 2016 Review (D4Q2) - Open from 8 October - 31 December 2016