Training Working Group

Group actions

  • Subgroup chairs needed! - please email Kathryn if you are interested or need more information about what might be involved
    • Webinars (e.g. plan and organise webinars)

Role and Purpose of Group

The purpose of the Training Group is to:

  • Ensure that our goals align and build on the DDI Alliance Scientific Work Plan.
  • Introduce people to DDI and improve people's competence in working with DDI.
  • Promote deeper understanding of DDI’s work products by addressing specific topics.
  • Gear training to specific audiences as appropriate (for example, by beginning to set up training materials and events in languages other than English).
  • Develop expertise within the Working Group for carrying out training.
  • Maintain a training library with updated training material in languages other than English for reuse

See Mandate


Official DDI Training Materials - These DDI training materials are approved products of the DDI Alliance. Intended for re-use.

DDI Training Community - Applied training. Anyone may submit their DDI training materials to this community. 

Group Members

Group email: or


Kathryn Lavender (Chair)
Hayley Mills (Chair)
Daniel GillmanUS BLS

Kaia KullaStatistics Estonia

Jared LyleDDI
Laura MolloyCODATA

Hilde OrtenSIKT


Flavio Rizzolo (Scientific Board contact)


Catharina Wasner (on mat leave)
Catherine YuenUnderstanding

Meeting Notes for current and previous years

Meeting Time and Connection Information

The Training Group meets every first Tuesday of the month at 9 am (EST) / 2 pm (UTC) / 3 pm (CET) / 4 pm (CAT/EET) using Zoom.

To join the meeting online please see agenda.

Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) - a headset is recommended. Please set yourself on mute when you are not speaking to prevent background noises.

Ongoing actions

Actions which are not specific to each sub-group activities listed below

  • Alina DANCIU to add RDA slides to Zenodo.
  • Hayley Mills and Alina DANCIU to use mandate to advertise what we do and recruit new members.
  • Alina DANCIU to share a spreadsheet of the number of training requests received and their outcome
  • Contact and set up a meeting to understand what CODATA RDA schools do/teach and what they would be interested in Jennifer Zeiger to ask Laura for any info about background for this.
  • Getting started pages subgroup (Arofan) to draft recommendations/plan to discuss in this group and then to go the TC to sign off
  • All to discuss location of suggested training sets. No decision made on the location (website, google doc…). Next steps?