Scientific Board



The Scientific Board is the scientific and technical body of the Alliance which represents the Scientific Community. The Scientific Board proposes the scientific work plan to the membership for approval and facilitates the scientific and technical work activities.  The purposes of the Scientific Board are to:

  • Provide direction and coordination in the development of the substantive content of the DDI standards and other work products of the Alliance by its sub-committees and working groups within the context of the Alliance Strategic Plan.

  • Implement the scientific work plan agreed at the Annual Meeting of the Scientific Community.

  • Oversee the substantive content of DDI standards and other work products.

  • Undertake research and testing concerning proposals for DDI standards and other work products.

  • Develop and promulgate best practices for use of DDI standards and work products.

  • Assess progress and barriers to progress.

  • Provide a report on progress of the scientific work plan over the previous year, and proposals for the future scientific direction and related activities to the Annual Meeting of the Scientific Community.

The specific work of the Scientific Board is accomplished through the Technical Committee and various working groups established by the Scientific Board.

The Scientific Board is composed of seven voting members elected by the Members of the Alliance. The Executive Director and the Chair of the Technical Committee are ex‐officio members, without internal vote.  The Scientific Board may appoint up to two external Advisory Members, without internal vote.  Representatives from Members and Associate Members of the Alliance are eligible to serve as elected members of the Scientific Board.  A majority of the elected members of the Scientific Board must be from Member Organizations.

Members of the Scientific Board elect a Chair and Vice-Chair from among themselves for a term of two years. The Chair and Vice Chair are eligible for re-election.

Activities of the Scientific Board

Scientific Board Revision - temporary working group from 2020 tasked to propose a reorganization of the Scientific Board.

Technical Committee - a standing committee of the Scientific Board whose purpose is to model, render, maintain, and update the DDI specifications to meet community needs and align with Alliance strategic goals.

Working Groups are established by the Scientific Board and the Executive Board to advise on relevant topics and activities related to the operation, development, and future of the Alliance.  Anyone affiliated with a member organization may apply to join a working group. Members may also propose new working groups.

Scientific Community meetings - In addition to the Annual Meeting, the Scientific Board organises meetings for the Scientific Community to introduce and discuss specific topics. Presentations and recordings from the meetings are available.

Contributions from the Working Groups


Paradata group:

XKOS group; DDI-CDI NGSI-LD work


Meeting minutes

See: Meeting Minutes

Documents to address

Presentation at the SB meeting of 2021-07-03

DDI URN Resolution SB_2021-07-13.pptx

Document for discussion of 2021-03-09


Technical background document

“A Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for the Data Documentation Initiative (DDI)”

Presentation by the Temporary WG on DDI URN resolution at the SB meeting 2022-03-08