Controlled Vocabularies Working Group

Role and Purpose of Group

To develop controlled vocabularies on already identified DDI elements and to determine which other DDI elements require controlled vocabularies.

Task List
  • Having DDI CVs published on DDI Alliance webpage after TC finalises the publication pipeline, harvested from the CESSDA Vocabulary Service
  • Find out in any other CodeValue elements need a controlled vocabulary.
  • Finalising TypeOfFrequency
  • Drafting a new policy for vocabulary versioning

Meeting Time and Connection Information

The team meets monthly or every two months. Check this space to find the next meeting date and time.

Next meeting: 7 June 2022


Team Members

Lisa Isaksson, Swedish National Data Service (SND)

Lorna Balkan, U.K. Data Archive (UKDA)

Sanda Ionescu, Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) (chair)
Taina Jääskeläinen, Finnish Social Science Data Archive (FSD)
Alexander Jedinger, GESIS -- Leibniz Institute for the Social
Hilde Orten, Sikt - Norwegian Agency for Shared Services in Education and