DDI Lifecycle 3.3 Public Review

Purpose of Review

The purpose of the public review is to obtain feedback and evaluation of changes made to DDI Lifecycle 3.2 for the purpose of improving the detail of coverage, supporting content required by current users, and improving the flexibility of the structure of schemas. DDI 3.3 also is being used to provide an implementation test of the COGS production system for generating documentation from the schema contents plus content provided in RST format. This approach allows for more automated updates as well as providing source materials which may be used for training and publication. The public review will last a minimum of 6 weeks through 3 August 2018. Review comments are entered on the Jira issue tracker for DDI Lifecycle and will be addressed as they are received by the Technical Committee. A change log will be maintained and development work will be accessible as it is completed. Instructions for access to this work will be posted on this page once this work has begun. 

Important Areas for Review

Important areas for review:

New Content

  • Classification management (based on GSIM/Neuchatel)
  • Non-survey data collection (Measurements)
  • Sampling
  • Weighting
  • Questionnaire Design
  • Support for DDI as a Property Graph (properties on items and references)
  • Quality Statement improvements (useful for Eurostat reporting)

Feedback Wanted

Important Links


  • Follow the link "submit comment" to the issue tracking page for this release.
  • Click on "CREATE" in the top banner and following the instructions. (or "+" sign in left side bar)
  • IN THE SUMMERY LINE: Please enter the name of the document you are commenting on, a page number, and section and/or object name.
  • PLEASE submit a separate comment for each issue.
  • Please note your name and email at the beginning of the description so we can contact you if there are questions or need for further discussion
  • You may attach documents to clarify or provide more detailed comments