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 Brief statement of what this is and how it is organized:

This the home page for capturing comments and reviews on a series of development draft releases for the DDI 4 Moving Forward Project. Each development draft release will cover different sections of the overall model and implementations. Each release  will contain a selected set of Library Packages and Functional Views with accompanying documentation. On this page you will find a list of documents which contain useful background information on the project, modeling decisions, and organization, contact information if you have questions on the process, and links to Past, Current, and Upcoming Reviews. Each release has a separate page which provided information specific to that review and a comment submission form linked to the issue tracker for that review.

titleLink to current comment page

Current comment page (contains link to the review package)


The Technical Committee has reviewed the package and provided a summary report available on the current comment page. This review is based on the Design Principles agreed to by the Scientific Board in May 2016.

Instructions for submitting a comment:

There is a components list that allows you to classify the type of material you are commenting on (i.e. XML View, Model Diagram, DDI General Documentation, etc.). The Summary section has specific instructions on what to provide. This includes a TOPIC (of your choice) and identifying information so that we know the specific area and/or object you are commenting on. All of the documentation files contain line numbers that you should refer to in this space. XML Schema and RDF/OWL Vocabularies do not have line numbers listed but you can obtain these by opening the document in a text reader or similar software. Please include the name of the object in addition to line numbers if appropriate. All object names within DDI are unique. Then provide the content of your comment using the Description box and/or by attaching a file containing your comments. Please include any examples or related materials you think will assist us in understanding your comment.

titleCurrent Review

titleUseful background documents (link to page or document)

Note that these documents reflect the date that they were written. Some details may have changed or terminology made more consistent but they provide a general coverage of the project:

Contact Information:

For questions regarding the review process please contact the Technical Committee list or the Technical Committee Chair, Wendy Thomas