Modeling Guidelines for Business Modelers

The table below provides a description of current guidelines used when modeling in Drupal. These include information on:

  • What should be a property or relation
  • How to determine source and target cardinalities
  • Standard properties available for all Classes
  • Options for text or date content
  • Properties organized by usage and much more
  • ...etc

Click on PDF link for a copy of the associated document. The date of any changes to a document will be noted in the Current Version column.

TopicDescriptionLINKCurrent Version
ALERT: when making changes to Complex Data TypesIf you make any edits to Complex Data Types in Drupal READ THIS FIRST (includes documentation edits and changes of package assignments)PDF 2016-07-16 
Design PrinciplesDesign Principles with associated metrics as discussed at the Scientific Board Meeting 2016-05PDF2016-06-21
Annotation: Annotation and it's propertiesRules regarding the use of annotation and it's internal properties including why we capture annotation and the intended use of this contentPDF2017-05-16
Cardinality: Properties and RelationsGuidance for Determining Cardinality of properties and relations Critical update regarding cardinality of Composition Relationship (2018-03-19)PDF2018-03-19 
Class Types: Identifiable, Annotated Identifiable, Complex Data TypeRecommendations on Identifiable, Annotation, and Complex Data Type Usage providing structural changes in Identifiable as of 2016-07-06 and guidance for determining the type of a new classPDF 2016-07-06 
Creating Properties: Rules for content and location Rules for the creating the content and package assignment of Properties  PDF 2017-07-05 
Documenting Classes: Expanding Documentation in InheritanceHow to expand the documentation of inherited classes and properties to add refinement specific informationPDF 2017-07-05 
Functional Views: OverviewFunctional Views for Business Modelers: An overview of the purpose and general structure of Functional ViewsPDF2016-06-21
Functional Views: Requirements and StructureHow to create a Functional View: An overview of the requirements and structure of a Functional View and how to create onePDF2016-06-21
Functional Views: Step-by-Step ProcessStep-by-Step Process for Creating a Functional View in Drupal: Walks through the process of selecting classes and restricting them for use in a Functional View - ADDENDUM: Example of spreadsheet





Patterns: Creation and UseThe Creation and Use of PatternsPDF2017-01-11
Property Options: StandardStandard Properties Available for All Classes: Name, Display Label, Purpose, Overview, Definition, etc. PDF2016-06-21
Property Options: TextText Options: Available structures for text content including characteristics of eachPDF2016-06-21
Property Options: DateDate Options: Available structures for date content including characteristics of eachPDF2016-06-21
Property Options: Default and Fixed ValuesHow to designate a default or fixed value for a property and their appropriate usePDF 2016-07-06
Property Options: UsageCatch-all document of commonly used properties including: uri/urn/urlPDF2017-02-01
Requests for Other Working GroupsHow to file or move a request to another working group, tracking progress, and requesting enumerations in LionPDF 2017-02-07