Active Data Management Plans Team

Role of Team

The goals of the DDI ADMP Working Group are to:

  • Identify the elements in DDI specifications that are relevant to Data Management Plans, e.g., ethics approvals, file formats, metadata coverage, license agreements, choice of data repositories, etc;
  • Develop one or more use cases or user stories about DDI specification elements and their crosswalk to other standards, including research administrative information (e.g., CASRAI);
  • Provide guidance to DDI specification development about incorporating relevant ADMP elements;
  • Promote within the Alliance and with other organizations the development of a ADMP data model based on one or more appropriate metadata standards;
  • Recommend within the DDI Alliance Scientific Board a role for the Alliance to play in international work on Active Data Management Plans (ADMPs); and
  • Establish the DDI Alliance as a collaborator and player in the ADMP space.

Link to JIRA Issue Tracker

Link to Mapping DMP to DDI elements spreadsheet (old version of DCC and CDL tools, provided by Metadata Technologies)

Link to sample DMP - XML (output from DMP Editor, Metadata Technologies)

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Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet DDI User Story - Longitudinal Study_v2.xlsx

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Microsoft Word Document Data Management Planning and the Data Documentation Initiative_1_0.docx

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Meeting Time and Connnection Information

Team Members
Chuck Humphrey (Chair)
Anne Sofie
Irena Vipavc