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This page is no longer in use but has been retained for historical information purposes. The activities for this group are now listed on the Production Process and Tools Support page.





Next meeting

Next meetings: 7 August, 21 August, 4 September @1500 CET


Action Items:

  • Olof and Johanna working through Drupal issue list
  • Figure out how to export pictures from Drupal in .doc file
  • Olof will add 2 new issues to the Drupal list - creating graph per object and creating graph per view
  • Generate extended XML in export - Olof and Johan
  • talk to Jon about what he thinks the high level documentation requirements are. Need a layout of paragraphs, headings etc to give to Olof to check if possible in Drupal
  • Test DocBook export
  • Achim will look at updating the diagram Franck drew.
  • Further work on XSD
  • Work through issues list for OWL transform

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Team Members
Arofan GregoryTeam
Jannick JensenXSLT transforms for XSD and

Johan Finn

Drupal/XSLT (Could include DocBook transforms)
Olof Olssonmain Drupal

Marcel Hebing

general analysis, and to worry about long-term alignment with collaboration platform. Also, to chase down production of non-XSD, non-RDF
Oliver HoptXSLT
Achim WackerowGeneral analysis of XMI, DocBook,
Ingo??Ingo may have someone who can work on Enterprise Architect APIs – need to follow up once we know what is needed here – batch diagram export? 
Dan SmithAnything, but less knowledge of
Jeremy Ivreson?