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 Meeting Times for DDI Teams and Groups Using GTM

Monday2100Alt Weeks   (from 2016-01-11)Methodology Team
Tuesday14002000Alt Weeks   (20162017-0102-0514)Simple Codebook Team
Tuesday2000MonthlyMarketing Team3rd Tuesday of   the month
Tuesday2300First TuesdayExecutive Board Chair, Vice Chair, Director
Wednesday1600WeeklyModelling Team
Wednesday1700Alt   (2016-01-13)Training Group
Wednesday2100Alt Weeks   (2016-07-06)Moving Forward Advisory Group
Thursday1600WeeklyTechnical Committee(meets at 1700   during DST)
Thursday1500Alt weeks (2016-04-21)Data Description Team
Varies1400 or 2200BimonthlyExecutive Board Meeting

During the weeks surrounding the change to and from Daylight Savings Time around the world, meeting times may shift temporarily. CHECK YOUR TEAM/GROUP PAGE for updates.

Useful links when planning a meeting time:

Time Zone Converter – Time Difference Calculator

World Clock Meeting Planner