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A short workshop report is available.


  1. Paper providing a summary and overview of the workshop and the issues:
    Interoperability of Metadata Standards in Cross-Domain Science, Health, and Social Science Applications - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SqrOouRK04iNKfURm2QlFABcNrfCLp3xWmP8GbsI-xM/edit
  2. Short working papers, outlining technical solutions for the three pilots; two of which relate to issues of data integration; one of which relates to process and coordination.
    1. IDDO - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ocf-Uwt-EcBO-UacpJbVF4UDqHn0Wlp_ePUk0NEcgr0/edit
    2. Resilience - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W3rJSD1z0RCtB5Tq3fw836v0b_umbGPiOqNMBexwRxk/edit
    3. Sendai
  3. Working paper laying out general design principles for metadata specifications to achieve interoperability and cross-domain use (extrapolating from these solutions and informed by the work on DCAT and DDI alignment)
  4. Web research data profile (DCAT-DDI-DATS-SSN...) motivation and requirements
    1. Technical paper - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SggHIqtDpJC0CCp3EfioCEOoSTd4PmEZvAoTYSHcrPo/edit#heading=h.2u8mi8q19dyj
    2. DCAT research data profile + Variables - technical specification
  5. Short general piece as a letter or short article for a popular journal.

Status and Responsibility for Outputs

Resilience Paper: Philipp is the lead.  Extend the use of IO platform to other issues (housing, mobility).  Journal is the International Journal for Geo-Information.  1000 CHF APC.

Infectious Disease: Fernando is the lead.  Paper structure describes the current situation for understanding infectious disease outbreaks.  Recommendations to optimise the process of collecting and integrating the data.  Examples of standards which can be employed in the collection and integration process.  identification and listing of data standards and how they can be useful for different domains.  Output is to promote and raise awareness in relation to the issues of data integration.  Need to consider what sort of journal accepts position papers.  Request that the editors read over the vision presented in the infectious disease document.

Disaster Risk Reduction: Arofan and Virginia are the leads.  Equip the UN related audience to discuss these issues.  Take the technical detail and hive it off into an annex.  Probably a lot of commonalities with the other group but has a sense not talking at the same level.  Text needs to be recast.  Some well-described examples.  Weekly calls.  Submittable draft by mid-November.

Deadline November 16th.

Arrange a call in the week of 26th.

DCAT DDI Alignment Paper.  Canberra Group will lead.  Where will the discussions of variables go into this paper?  Possibly a scoping paper and a solutions paper?  Where to fit in the specifics of the crosswalks and the alignments.  W3C spec.

Mechanism for communication.  Simon, Steve, Adrian to coordinate.  

Has been grounded in Fernando's use case.  Steps from this into the alignment of schema's.  The first part of this paper could be exported back into the overview paper.  Discussion of cross-discipline description of variable.  Could be very important and could spin out into a separate paper.  Could have concrete output of discoverability; recommendation for more work required for assessibility.

Same 16th Nov schedule.

Target date?

Relationship to the general paper?

General Observations

Pilots should feel free to use the codata-ddi-dagstuhl@lists.codata.org list to request information, assistance, expertise.

Publication venues, audience

Data Science Journal


Disasters journals - maybe a short intro that draws attention to the data infrastructure papers elsewhere

W3C - DCAT-DDI profile within DCAT-rev

DDI-DCAT crosswalk/conversion with Variables?