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What does this team do?

Description: Enables discovery of relevant metadata and data products at the study, file, and data item (i.e., variable) level.  The primary purpose is for discovery of data for re-use (i.e., research and/or analysis), which would enable filtering of search or browse results according to metadata criteria (such as the topical, temporal, or spatial coverage of the data, among others).  Additional purposes the view should support are discovery of study products for re-use (e.g., questions or survey instruments for development of another survey) as well as [anything else?].  The group also is considering other potential discovery purposes—discovery of metrics of usage of data products [anything else?]—but are still defining what is in scope.

Out of scope: The Discovery functional view is not intended to (once a study or data item is discovered) provide a thorough description of the study or data for proper re-use; this purpose would be in scope for the Codebook view.  The Discovery view also is limited in its coverage of methodology issues to those that would be a factor in discovery, but is not intending to describe the full methodology of how the data was produced (for understanding or to trace back to underlying data sources).

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XKOS: Table 1: XKOS Vocabulary (note you cannot return to this page from the preceding link) link to PDF version

SKOS: SKOS Properties and Classes

OWL: Simple part-whole relations in OWL Ontologies


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Team Members
Larry Hoyle larryhoyle@ku.eduTeam Leader
Arofan Gregoryarofan.gregory@earthlink.netModeller
Kate McNeill

Team member
Sanda Ionescusandai@umich.eduTeam member
Mary Vardigan vardigan@umich.eduTeam member
Jay Greenfieldgreenfield_jay@bah.comTeam member




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