Pre-workshop teleconference #2

A teleconference for workshop participants


2018-09-20T20:00:00.00Z (in your timezone)

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Peter Winstanley, Wendy Thomas, Michelle Edwards 



Introduction - SimonH

Infectious diseases - Laura, Fernando

  • Background material
  • concentrate on Ebola
  • big problem with sub-standard/falsified pharmaceuticals
  • population at risk from sub-optimal treatments
  • Many datasets are not published using standards, in some cases not even data-dictionaries,
    • many data dictionaries are highly bespoke
    • Visual recognition used to 
  • in some cases need special software (e.g. geospatial), or need to pay, or to register
    • paywalls and registration demands are a big problem - !A from FAIR

SimonC: How many of the datasets are visible in Google Dataset Search

Disaster Risk Reduction - Virginia

  • background material
  • Sendai Framework, linked to Sustainable Development Goals
    • Reducing mortality, infrastructure disruption, improve risk registers
  • Focus here on Mortality - i.e. number of deaths
    • direct, indirect, short vs long-term is major complication

Resilient cities and regions - Andrew, Philipp, Paola

  • lots of activity in Sustainable cities (ISO Standard)
  • Case study approach - 3-5 cities

Medellin - air quality, linked to transport → public health and wellbeing

  • big variety of actors
  • urban data platform
  • Citizen science
  • intra-urban variations
  • local vs metropolitan
  • Need to use some sensitive data ... 

CKAN-based portal launched 2018-09-18! 

PhilA: can CODATA team have access to sensitive data -

  • Paola -MOU in prep re insurance data - may need individual confidentiality agreements with scientists
  • PhilA - one-off data formats and structures require individual conversions, not scalable to work with ... 
  • EricP - if no properly anonymized data is available, then made-up data is guaranteed safe, but useful for testing methodology

Teleconference recording