3rd Oct - Collective notes

Philipp Ulbrich - Resilience.io

Good tabulation (i.e. catalog) of datasets

  • DCAT profile for cities might be possible - map basic columns to plain DCAT, consider what additions are needed

Resources: Other groups involved in this area


SCORUS’s mission is to stimulate and organise a worldwide dialogue on urban and regional research and statistics and to promote in-depth statistical analyses with the aim to contribute to progress in this field and to improve the understanding of urban and regional phenomena as well as the comparability of concepts and results. SCORUS aims to enhance the knowledge created for urban and regional policy.

This group has annual meetings around the world (stand alone or in conjunction with IAOS International Association of Official Statistics). They are eager to work with others. There are several articles and contents of recent conferences. These organizations are part of ISI (International Statistical Institute). The IAOS has a publication which would provide exposure to official statisticians who are the primary audience.

Notes on DCAT moved