Notes: Workflow Process - Sendai

Dan, Jay, Arofan, Virginia, Rebecca

3 October 2018

Workflow Process - Sendai

Dan, Jay, Arofan, Virginia, Rebecca


Alpha Network / InDepth  (

SDMX (QB vocab) {Economic example}


DDI Process / PROV-O

GSBPM / GLBPM   {Generic Statistical Business Process Model}

PCORnet (



  • Economic indicators
  • Demographic indicator

Push or pull - IMF pulls

SDDS is required

GDDS (tend to be developed countries)

SENDAI Framework

Section on Risk governance - UNISDR

Coordinating at national and regional level

Governance for data

Recommend systematic mechanism/system


Approach rather than the official statistics

Discovery vs Access








|   SDGS (17 groups; 168 indicators {UK uses 20})  []





-Government (official statistical collection mandated by law)






-Commercial - Insurance (risk register, OASIS - but not all countries have insurance)



-Commercial (Large scale data collection, ex Westat, NORC, ABS)



-Industry Consortia



-Proprietary (Pharmaceutical sales)

  1. -----------------> 2) Government

     3) ------------------>2 ) Commercial

Nation Risk Registers of each company

A Taxonomy of Threats for Complex Risk Management


IHSN - designed to serve nations


Begin to address small scale

International Network for the Demographic Evaluation of Populations and Their Health

“The ALPHA network brings together ten collaborating African research institutions, which conduct population-based HIV surveillance in eastern and southern Africa, and is coordinated by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM).”

Generic Statistical Business Process Model (GSBPM)


PopMedNet (

(US clinics/hospitals; large-scale data compilation - national)

Glossary from Counting on the World -  {put pdfs on wiki}

WHO vital statistics of the world

  1. Background and
  1. Intro Concepts
  2. Data Science & resources

  1. Examples
  1. IHSN - InDepth/AlphaNetwork
  2. SDMX
    1. MDG-SDG …… Sendai
    2. SDDS/GDDS example IMF
  3. PopMedNet {local example} - non-sensitive

        Why local data matters - because it feeds up through national,   regional, international levels

  1. Global Burden of Disease {assesses the health impact of disaster & mortality
  2. OASIS - Insurance Cor & Risk

III.  Discussion

          Theory of change

  1. Recommendations
  1. Collaboration
  2. Statistical Technical Protocols

The global data science systems, networks and resources should be leveraged to support member states in implementing the Sendai framework.

UN Member States should take advantage of the global data science systems, networks, and resources in order to implement the Sendai framework.

  • Show successful approaches to centralized resources
  • Tell through examples

Where to submit the paper - check with Simon (workshop product)