DDI 4 Q1 Development Draft - Comment and Review

This page provides coverage information for the DDI 4 Q1 2015 Development Draft Review plus links to the following:
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Special Instructions for this review:

Read this document BEFORE reviewing

Library Packages and Functional Views in Release

Full Library Packages

Functional Views

Partial Library Packages

(limited set of classes for review)



Data Capture : Capture, Response Domain, Instrument Component, Instruction, External Aid



Processing : Command, Command File, Parameter, Structured Command

Complex Data Types






Core Process










Special Issues:
  • Willing to provide focused feedback on the documentation needs for DDI 4? Please contact Jon Johnson (J.Johnson@ioe.ac.uk) using the subject line “DDI-Lifecycle (MD) Documentation Comments”.


Follow the link "submit comment" to the issue tracking page for this release. Click on "CREATE" in the top banner and following the instructions.

IN THE SUMMERY LINE: Please enter the name of the document you are commenting on, a page number, and section and/or object name.

PLEASE submit a separate comment for each issue.

Please note your name and email at the beginning of the description



Library Package

In DDI 4, a group of classes within the Library related by a theme. The Class Library for DDI 4 encompasses the entire DDI 4.0 model, but without any specific schemas or vocabularies for Functional Views. Classes contain primitives and extended primitives and are the building blocks used to construct the Functional Views.

Functional View

 In DDI 4, a functional view identifies a set of classes that are needed to perform a specific task. It primarily consists of a set of references to specific versions of classes. Functional views are the method used to restrict the portions of the model that are used, and as such they function very much like DDI profiles in DDI 3.*.




Useful background documents:

Contact Information:

For questions regarding the review process please contact the Technical Committee list ddi-srg@icpsr.umich.edu or the Technical Committee Chair, Wendy Thomas wlt@umn.edu