Tuesday notes


Platforms continued ...

Data Discovery/schema.org (Doug, DanBri)

History & context of schema.org 

Approach based on 

  • web-pages (dataset landing pages) with embedded JSON
  • sitemap for deep sites

Principles and practices are the infrastructure

Spatial metadata (SteveR, SimonC)

Geographic identifiers and reference systems - place-names, coordinates, topological relations

Range of expertise and understanding ranging from geography professionals through to users

Supported in various 

  • specialised geographic metadata schemas (ISO, schema.org, STAC, FGDC, ...)
  • general-purpose metadata schemas (DCAT v2)

Potential work groups


Data for an SDG indicator e.g. Infant mortality, social exclusion


DRR - risk/hazard maps - 

  1. data quality - provenance requirements  (see 8.) 
  2. potential for developing a common risk/hazard ontology; applied to different use-case using design patterns? (also see 4.)


Systematizing & sustaining data collections over a network of data providers


recommendations/practices for building and maintaining vocabularies and ontologies - start with DRR vocab + hazards ontology


practices (library?) for data harmonisation & cleaning - ranges, units

6.recommendations/practices for bridging between vocabularies & ontologies (combine with 4.)


Variables/observable properties (important for data discovery) (survey and manifesto?) - DDI variable cascade + EnvSci I-ADOPT + schema.org VariableMeasured 


Data quality/provenance challenges - write recommendations


Transparency in data → information → knowledge → action chain  (related to provenance 8.?)