Classification meeting minutes

 Classification update from Helen

Office Excel: spreadsheet preview is finally here!

You can now display this file as a spreadsheet, instead of a PDF. Re-upload GSIM-Conceptual-mapping.xlsx to display the new preview. You can access the file here.

 Terminology using ISCED example

Hilde pointed out that in the use of ISCED there are choices to be made. In 2 LOWER SECONDARY EDUCATION and 3 UPPER SECONDARY EDUCATION, the 2 digit level uses the same categories (General and Vocational). However the 2 digit level for 1 PRIMARY EDUCATION does not use these categories.

The way someone chooses to use the classification when collecting data can differ between and within countries. Each collection will be able to map the response/value domains chosen for their variable back to the classification.

This issue occurs for many classifications that are used.

Is this an issue for the Classifications view to consider? Or is it something that affect simple instrument / Simple data description?

 Meeting 30 July

 Attendees: HIlde, Guillaume, Helen, Dan, Thérèse

This is the first meeting of the classifications team. Thérèse noted that this team is creating a view. There is already some good work in the user story wiki page which made during the Toronto sprint.

According to the use case, the view's purpose and description are:


The Classification view incorporates the objects required to represent and manage classifications in DDI 4.0.

Description of viewThe Classification view covers the structure and description of classifications, the management of classifications, and the relationships amongst classifications.

The team agreed with this.

Dan gave an overview of GSIM Classification model and XKOS for the team.

The Conceptual Team have already added to Drupal most of the objects that the Classification team will want to include in their view. It was discussed that we should make sure that we all agree what a classification is. We had a look at how Statistical Classification is defined in Drupal. The group agreed that this was a good definition to work from.

Some time was spent discussing an example of a classification using ISCED. Thérèse will post a separate picture of this.

Action Items

  • All review documentation in use case
  • All review objects in the conceptual package in Drupal with a view to see what objects we would want to include in the view and what is missing
  • When looking at objects in Conceptual package, please check if the mapping to GSIM is correct