Related Material (Dagstuhl 2019 Interoperability Workshop)

2018 workshop outcomes

  • Open Standards and the FAIR Principles: Three Use Cases - PDF, Word


  • Turning FAIR into reality - Final report and action plan from the European Commission expert group on FAIR data
  • FAIRification Process - Detailed description of the application FAIR principles and sub-principles
  • GO FAIR DS (Data Stewardship) Wizard MEMO

     Citation from preamble

    "Data that are perfectly F, A, and I can still be (re)useless, because they are of low quality and the metadata and other contactual information are insufficient for people, and specifically machines to decide on reuse for what purpose and in which work flow environments."

    "In any case, rich metadata, carefully describing the scope of the original research, the methods used, and rich provenance throughout the entire research process are always critical for third parties (again, machines and humans) to decide if, and for what research, objects (both data and related tooling and services) are practically reusable for their purpose, which may in many cases be different from the exact purpose for which these resource were originally created."

  • GO FAIR Implementation Network: "GO Inter: Cross-Domain Interoperability of Heterogeneous Research Data"

     Important citations

    "Main purpose and objectives: The Implementation Network aims at applying, developing and evaluating methods, tools and guidelines for implementing and assessing semantic interoperability of heterogeneous research data across discipline borders. By this cross-domain interoperability framework GO Inter intends to foster data sharing and discovery across traditional discipline boundaries."

    One of the primary tasks: "Publish guidelines for implementing and assessing cross-domain interoperability"

  • Dagstuhl Perspectives Workshop 2018 "Implementing FAIR Data Infrastructures" - has link to report
  • Metadata for Machines Workshops, Making it easy for humans to make metadata for machines
  • GO FAIR/RDA M4M Workshops: Motivation and Guidelines

     Citation regarding "Flexible Semantic Mapping Framework"

    "... To make such a framework a widely used facility that could be adopted across disciplines it needs to be based on standards. Such a flexible framework would help overcoming the hesitation of researchers to use semantic crosswalks."

Generic Approaches on Cross-Domain Data

Reproducibility and Replicability


Metadata Standards

Pilot Projects (last year's descriptions)