Edmonton Sprint, April 2016



Sprint Summary (document attached)

This sprint is focused on preparing the model for the Q2 2016 Development Review. The goal of the sprint is to complete a consistency review of the DDI4 modeling, particularly reviewing consistent use of patterns and documentation content.

The list below contains overall goals, major areas of review, and documentation work. Daily tracking of agendas, assignments, and progress is found on the Task Management page.

Overall Goals:

  • Preparation of Data Capture for review
  • Preparation of Data Description for review
  • Full documentation for all classes in published packages
  • Prepare content for Q2-2016 release for TC

Model Review List:

  • Resolve model versioning approach
  • Consistency in recording GSIM and RDF relationships to DDI classes
  • Determine structure and implementation of code review
  • Review outstanding questions regarding content in Q2-2016 release
  • Examine and resolve core element and relationship/extension issues
  • Review for XML centric content
  • Consistency in use of common classes and patterns

Documentation Review List: (HLD=High Level Documentation)

  • Update and codify document for modelers
  • Intent of DDI 4 (HLD)
  • Modeling conventions (HLD)
  • Role and purpose of Functional Views
  • Implement Design Decisions Document (living document)
  • Binding specific documentation

Preparing for the Sprint

 Group calls will be scheduled between the hours of 1700-1900 CET


You will be notified each day about any group calls and the agenda. Please prepare using the list below.

See Task Management page for daily agendas, assignments, and progress. 

Read or ReviewLink
Pattern document v.7doc
XML Binding from the DDI Modeldoc
Methodology and general Process Model relationshipppt

Local Inforamtion

TIME: 8:30 - 5:00

Edmonton Clinic Health Academy (ECHA) at 11405 87th Ave NW T6G 1C9

M, Th, F room 5-140

T,W room 5-150 (morning) room 5-140 (afternoon)

The Sprint takes place the week following NADDI, 11-15 April 2016 in Edmonton Alberta, CA. The NADDI organizers have secured the rate of $99/night at the University of Alberta Guest Services - Lister Centre through 15 April. See NADDI site for accommodation information.

Name (v=virtual)Contact
Afroan Gregory arofan.gregory@earthlink.net
Wendy Thomas wlt@umn.edu
Larry Hoyle larryhoyle@ku.edu
Jon Johnson j.johnson@ioe.ac.uk
Dan Gillman gillman.daniel@bls.gov
Achim Wackerow (v) joachim.wackerow@gesis.org
Oliver Hopt (v) oliver.hopt@gesis.org
Barry Radler (v) bradler@wisc.edu
Jared Lyle (v) lyle@umich.edu