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LINK to page with slide decks from Day 1.

Final report.

Final recommendations.

Overview of Sprint:

The workshop will bring together representatives from several metadata standards to provide an external review of current DDI work, with an emphasis on the model-driven approach, the production framework, and the substantive content of the standard. Progress made so far will be examined in light of the high-level goals and design principles for the model-driven DDI specification, sometimes called DDI4 or the Moving Forward project. This meeting is part of a Dagstuhl workshop series on DDI Moving Forward that began in 2012.

We anticipate that the other standards will in turn provide information about their development procedures and goals so that we can learn from each other, communicate more effectively across disciplines, and potentially interoperate.


  • To increase awareness of DDI beyond our community
  • To investigate interoperability, challenges, and ways to work together
  • To ensure that DDI is on the right path.  Are we working in parallel?  Are there opportunities for collaboration?
  • To develop relationships with external standard agencies
  • To provide an opportunity for an open review by invited external agencies
  • Review modeling and bindings at a high level

Development work:

  • Prepare all/portions of Data Description, Data Capture, and Methodology for Modeling Team review (note that these groups are in the process of setting goals for the sprint)
  • Modeling Team implementation of consistency rules and decisions from Q1 review


  • Documented review of the Collaboration Agenda Items
  • Documented set of detailed development rules for both Business Modelers and users:
    • Standard forms (Strings, Dates, Controlled Vocabularies, etc.)
    • Use of pattern types (Collection, Process, etc.)
    • Creation of Views (standard content, inclusion, restriction, etc.)

Preparing for the Sprint

 Background information Please review prior to the Sprint.

Local Information

Check-in takes place on Sunday, October 18, from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. It is expected that participants will arrive on Sunday. The workshop will start at 9:00 am on Monday, October 19. Please note that a light dinner is provided at 6 pm on Sunday evening.

Some people will arrive outside of these hours, and they can do a self-service check-in (starting from 9:00 am). The check-in counter is located in the new building. The entry door is under the footbridge between the old and the new building just right of the red marker on this map.

Dagstuhl Map

The workshop participants usually have rooms in the old building or in a small new guesthouse.

Attendees were sent information via email with arrival details (including access code) on 29 September. Helpful Dagstuhl links below:

Information about Dagstuhl

General arrival information

Train information:

To St. Wendel (bus or taxi to Dagstuhl, taxi stand outside station)

To Türkismühle

Taxi Martin (for taxi transport from Türkismühle)

Additional information for events organized by outside organizations (that's us)

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