Cross Domain Integration (CDI) Working Group


The CDI Working Group is developing the DDI-CDI standard, and it is expected to be active preparing new versions of the specification as required by implementers. Given that the emerging FAIR technology picture, frequent updates and additions to the documentation are anticipated. These will be coordinated through the CDI Working Group - anyone interested in contributing to this work should contact us. 

The DDI Alliance Scientific Plan 2021 - 2022 describes the goals of this group in section II, point 11.) a.



Arofan Gregory (chair)

Dan Gillman

Flavio Rizzolo

Hilde Orten

Jay Greenfield

Joachim Wackerow

Larry Hoyle

Oliver Hopt

Wendy Lee Thomas

Meeting time and link

Meeting time and link

Regular meeting time for CDI Working Group. The meeting will take place at EVERY Wednesday at 0900 Minneapolis, 1000 New York/Ottawa, 1600 Central European.

Meeting dates: Weekly

Meeting link:

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