Köln Sprint, December 2016


This sprint is a small technically focused sprint intended to address specific infrastructure issues in the production process and to prepare a specification for the RDF binding and other possible programming activities. All records of activities will be captured in the appropriate JIRA issue trackers. A check list of specific topics will be listed with related JIRA issue. At end of sprint any outstanding items will be addressed by the group responsible for the specific issue.


Final Report including next steps and links to documents created during the sprint.

Early Agenda Items

  • Identification of all open technical issues
  • Knowledge transfer regarding capturing platform Drupal
  • Description of tasks regarding conceptual work on RDF-S/OWL binding, especially regarding usage of other vocabularies
  • Migration from Bamboo to Jenkins (set-up of a cloud server would be necessary prior to the meeting)
  • Canonical XMI, start of work regarding the used XMI subset for DDI
  • Resolution of open issues if possible in the meeting
  • Detailed description of open issues if resolution is not possible in the meeting. The description should be the basis for involving more people in this (possibly a paid developer and an RDF consultant)


  • Review agenda and schedule
  • Lion issues, Doc issues related to Drupal organize and identify tasks for discussion with Olof
  • 14:00 Meeting with Olof
  • Write up tasks with recommendations of who can do what


  • RDF/OWL work including review of open issues, previous papers
  • Begin draft of RDF Consultant document
  • Leverage Benjamin's availability
  • Verify with Jared use of email and person associated


  • Continue RDF work
  • Prepare for meeting with John on Thursday
    • Overall configuration
    • High level workflow (Oliver, Jon 1 hour)
  • Complete specification for Functional View Template include related documentation and desired tooling (Schematron, etc.)
  • Task specifications


  • get everything going inside of Docker (John, Mattaeus, Oliver, Jon (phone)) - what's the best way of doing it, clarify, configure etc.
  • Meeting with John
  • Canonical XMI (Oliver and Achim 1 hour)


  • Document work at Thursday
  • Complete any documents and assign outstanding issues with documentation to appropriate issue tracker

Primary Task List

  • Review and prioritize early agenda items
  • Review and verify status of Lion Issue Tracker (note Olof is available after 1400 on Monday)
  • Review and verify status of issues in  DOC
  • Review and verify status of issues in RDFOWL
  • Write RDF specification document  draft (for review by TC, Modeling Team and AG)
  • Write descriptions of programmer Tasks for Drupal work 
  • Create JIRA tracker for XMI and enter items noted Monday (Wendy)


  • Regarding RDF, XMI and Functional Views from previous Sprints
  • New documents created during the sprint

Jon JohnsonMon-Wed
Wendy ThomasMon-Fri
Achim WackerowMon-Fri
Oliver HoptMon-Fri
Benjamin ZaplilkoTues-Wed
Matthäus ZlochThurs
Olof OlssonMon (remote)
John ShepherdsonThurs (remote)