Publications Working Group

Role and Purpose of Group

The publications working group contributes content and works to support and promote the various publications produced under the auspices of the DDI Alliance including, but not limited to:

  • DDI Newsletter (published 4 times a year, starting Q1, January 2017)
  • DDI Working Papers Series
  • DDI-related peer-reviewed published papers
  • DDI-related conference proceedings (EDDI, NADDI, ESRA, and others)
DDI Newsletters
Task List
  • The Newsletter and the page on the Website does not contain an indication how it can be subscribed - via DDI-users? (Knut Wenzig)

  • Finalize BibSonomy Tags and Workflow (link to working page)

Meeting Time and Connection Information

The team meets as needed. Check this space to find the next meeting date and time.


Team Members
Kelly Chatain (Chair)
Jared Lyle (Chair)