DDI Workflows for Dataverse

Purpose and Goals

To develop use cases for improved support of DDI in the Dataverse repository platform, and, to coordinate development projects that utilize DDI generated by or with Dataverse in support of research data across the lifecycle.

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Amber Leaheyamber.leahey@utoronto.ca
Danny Brookedannybrooke@g.harvard.edu
Johan Fihnjohan.fihn@snd.gu.se
Olof Olssonolof.olsson@snd.gu.se
Wolfgang Zenk-MöltgenWolfgang.Zenk-Moeltgen@gesis.org 
Esra Akdeniz Esra.Akdeniz@gesis.org 
Christina Guldfeldt Madsencgm@sa.dk 
Anne Sofie Fink Kjeldgaard asf@sa.dk 
Vyacheslav Tykhonov vyacheslav.tykhonov@dans.knaw.nl 
Marion Wittenberg marion.wittenberg@dans.knaw.nl 
Steven McEachern steven.mceachern@anu.edu.au 
Larry Hoyle larryhoyle@ku.edu 
Sebastian Karcher skarcher@maxwell.syr.edu 
Julian Gautier juliangautier@g.harvard.edu 
Mike Priddy mike.priddy@dans.knaw.nl 
Kevin Worthington kevin.worthington@utoronto.ca