2014-10-20 meeting notes



  • Jenny, Wolfgang


  • Get SimpleCodebook group started


1) Discovery: We need id, label, description for a study (tofkas).

  • We might need other things, e.g. created+last changed+released dates/versions, keywords, citation, kind of data, but discuss that later. (parking lot)

2) Question to Steve's diagram: What does "operation" mean? What does "T" mean? (ask Steve; answer: these were default values and can be ignored)

3) How is the structure of the SimpleCodebook View: Is it composed of six other views (DataDescription...) or is it a different composition of elements from the DDI library?

4) We go through the ICPSR element list of their codebook:

  • Document level: We might need to create a document from the codebook, like from any other view. This should be considered a general use case. For this we would need elements like producer, copyright, administrative notes, created+last upated date, "output format", etc.
  • Study level: see discovery elements (parking lot)
    • Proposal is to have a study package (tofkas) to hold information that is specific and is not covered by discovery package.
    • We could capture funding information as a specialization of "citation"
    • Terms of use, availability status, restrictions, disclaimer


  • Methodology: ICPSR Study has also methodology elements, e.g. universe, sampling, mode of collection, geographic coverage, time period, unit of analysis, kind of data
    • Proposal: We could use the GSBPM/GLBPM model to have "methodology for phase xyz" as a structure .
    • also see Dan Gilman's post Toronto Methodology Model
    • Question to diagram: Difference between Methodology and Method Part?
    • Methodology for DataCollection should inklude link to DataCollection Package

Instrument: "Presence of common scales"

  • File level information: Is that included in DataDescription? Answer: yes it will be.
  • Variable Level: Is included in DataDescription. We should check elements separately.
    • We need a link from variable level to question text.
    • Variable Groups: Should be documented under file level?
    • Is summary statistics here in the right place?

5) Working on relationsships between elements

5a) Methodology and SimpleInstrument

  • The Methodology for design of study should be linked to LogicalInstrument. Question: is Logical Instrument mode specific?
  • Question to SimpleInstrument group: Is there no Physical Instrument?
  • Universe should be linked to Capture
  • Geographic Coverage and Time period may be connected to ResponseDomain
  • Unit is related to Capture

5b) Methodology and DataDescription

  • to be continued...

6) Arofan provided list of elements for IHSN, Cessda, and Nesstar codebooks; work on next day will be to find commonalities