2014-10-21 meeting notes day 2



  • Jenny, Wolfgang


  • Create common list of codebook elements from sources: ICPSR, CESSDA, IHSN


1) Started with ICPSR-List of Codebook elements, copied html to excel sheet

2) included sequence numbers to preserve ordering of elements

3) inserted new elements from Cessda list of codebook elements;indicated where same elements were used in both sources.

4) giving cessda new elements same sequence numbers as closest element from Icpsr. Exception: Cessda elements at the top and at the bottom got new numbers.

5) Arofan exported the IHSN element list with DDI-Codebook element names: We mapped them to DDI-Lifecycle and integrated them into the common list (update: list with explanations is also available)

6) Question: Is the structure of the codebook important to be captured (like chapters and sections and their ordering)? that would be a separate work to do.

Question: ICPSR has used:


but it cannot be found in FieldLevelDoc? Answer: Has moved in DDI 3.2.

7) Wendy supplied an advanced list of IHSN elements with mappings to DDI 2.

8) Wendy helped with defining GroupObjects that will have Relationships. All other elements in the list are considered to be Properties.

9) The list of elements still needs completion from the IHSN list.