DDI Codebook Long-term Development


  • Simplify presentation of the codebook.xsdSupport content in current use

  • Clarify transition or interaction between Codebook and other DDI products          

  • Explore a move to a more automated platform (such as COGS) to support iterative development and easier engagement

  • Improve documentation on broader application topics and best practices

  • Identify user groups, applications, and environment best supported by Codebook and define the features in a way that continues to support that usage

  • Review and refine development constraints in terms of content coverage and development rules

Initial activities

  • Provide a narrative for Codebook in terms of its coverage, use, and position with the DDI product suite. Identify where it can or does interact with other products

  • Dispose of current issues and put out Codebook version 2.6 for review and publication process

  • Review codebook.xsd and determine feasibility of a simplified xsd with fewer restriction and extension chains, retaining content that is currently in use, and moving to an automated production process. [like the approach of a proposed 3.4 for Lifecycle]

  • Determine if and how to adjust development rules

  • Review documentation needs of Codebook beyond field level documentation