20210608 Scientific Board Meeting Minutes

Present: Ingo Barkow, Darren Bell,  Simon Hodson, Jared Lyle, Hilde Orten, Flavio Rizzolo, Carsten Thiel, Wendy Thomas, Joachim Wackerow

 Agenda topics:

  1. Planning the meeting of the Scientific Community

    • Ingo and Achim will collaborate regarding the annual report.

    • Wendy will prepare the report from the TC.

    • Hilde will compile reports from the working groups.

    • Ingo will present the scientific plan.

  2. Finalizing the Scientific Plan

In advance of the meeting, Ingo had provided an updated version of the Scientific Plan, based on the discussions at the last SB meeting, and reviewed by Wendy and Hilde. Group members were asked to review the draft and contribute content prior to the meeting. Flavio, Hilde, Achim and Simon provided input on the draft that was discussed at the meeting.

During the discussion Achim pointed at the importance of consistency throughout the plan, and some minor improvements were done, in order to achieve this.

It was agreed that for the working group sections the prioritized activities are listed for each of the groups.

Based on the agreements made at the meeting, the tasks of Ingo was to update the draft plan, and to send it to Jared for publication on the agenda for the meeting of the Scientific Community.

3. Quarterly meetings with the Working Group chairs.

 Postponed till next time

4. Prepare a FY 2022 Budget statement from the Scientific Board

Jared started this section by pointing out that this is the first time that the Scientific Board will evaluate budget proposals relating to the Scientific and Technical work of the DDI Alliance. During the COVID-19 period the DDI Alliance has increased it’s budget reserves, as travels have been restricted or not possible.

Five requests were received for evaluation, four related to standards development and training activities of the TC and the Working groups, and one infrastructure related application from a member. In addition, the Scientific Board wanted to add an own proposal for a physical meeting in spring of 2022.

The Scientific Board discussed all requests during the meeting, and proposed that some of the reserves accumulated are used to support the activities of the Alliance. The board see all the requests as valid and of similar priorities, and recommend the funding them all even if this necessitates using the savings from previous years. The Scientific Board sees this as a balanced proposal from different working groups and additional contributors, containing multiple areas to be covered.