20221011 Scientific Board Meeting Minutes


  • Darren Bell (DB)

  • Simon Hodson (SH)

  • Jared Lyle (JR)

  • Hilde Orten (HO)

  • Flavio Rizzolo (FR)

  • Wendy Thomas (WT)

  • Wolfgang Zenk-Möltgen (WZM),


  • Ingo Barkow (IB)

  • Carsten Thiel (CT)


1. Update on activity since Chur f2f meeting


2. Scientific Board Recommendations document

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dDl63ijonGMSa3vI8z2YubCdD7RROfYlX0knq-_ibbE/edit?usp=sharing We agreed at the Chur meeting to produce a strategy document for Scientific Work Plan for distribution to the EB and the community. Simon is the editor of the document and other members volunteered to contribute text, based Achim and Arofan’s presentation from the outlook section (attached) and the related discussion. We would kindly ask those of you who were volunteering to fill in text under each point to do that within October 5th. Then board members would have a chance to comment and before our next meeting, and for Simon to edit (depending on maturity and time).


3. Scientific Work Plan 2023

At the Chur meeting we agreed to make some minor changes to the existing plan, and let this last through 2023 if approved by the members. We started to make amendments to the current work plan. At our next meeting we will continue the work and agree on how to move forward with the work. Please see https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PU-t76qY4wVneHvPj8DDlJL5_U84nhtP3VdbUtV7kJI/edit?usp=sharing . Simon is the editor of the new proposal.


4. Moving forward with other tasks


5. AOB