20230613 Scientific Board Meeting Minutes


Darren, Flavio, Hilde, Ingo, Jared, Wendy, Wolfgang



1. Admin

  • Updates from the Annual Meeting (Hilde and Darren)

    • Short report by Hilde about discussion points.

    • Discussions about Marketing WG, update of mission needed.

    • DDI in the standards landscape was discussed.

    • Format of having the two meetings in one was good. Add a little more time maybe? Start a bit earlier. to enable more Europeans attending?

    • Virtual attendees in the in-person meeting was challenging.

    • Discussion can be used best with in-person meeting format. Other organizations do discussion in a separate format, and have the formal part of reporting separated. 

    • Good to have a rotating place of these meetings, not only in Europe, but also US/Canada. But travel costs are substantial.

    • Formal requirement for DDI Alliance to have one annual meeting at that time of the year. We could discuss if this has to be in-person. To be discussed in October at the Bergen SB meeting.

  • Initiatives to form a new Marketing group (Hilde)

    • At IASSIST a couple of people have shown interest in taking part in reestablishing the Marketing group. Arofan will organise a call among those to explore ideas.

    • Interested people should coordinate with the Executive Board, which is reviewing and updating the Marketing & Partnerships working group charge (see April 2023 EB minutes) and will reinstate the group.  Marketing is under the Executive Board’s charge.

    • It was good to see a lot of interest in that activity.

  • UNECE Contact updates (Flavio)

    • Flavio talked to Arofan, who would be interested in being the liaison person. Tasks need more clear definition, e.g. reporting back. Flavio to draft a section for the UNECE contact tasks in collaboration with Arofan, SB to discuss that. 

  • Scientific Board election (Jared)

    • No further nominations so far. Two candidates for three openings. Same for EB, two positions. Nomination period ends Friday July 16th.

    • May it be possible to extend the period? Would be good if we have persons in mind?

    • Jared proposed to extend until June 26th. Done

    • Names can be sent to Jared, so he can ask if they are interested. Alternatively people can contact potential nominees themselves to ask if they would be interested, and get back to Jared with names. Done

2. Distribution of DDI Scientific Board Recommendation document.

The document has been updated by Darren and Hilde and sent to the Executive Board ahead of the Annual meeting. Is it ready to be sent to the community as a next step?

  • Can it be sent to the full EB? Yes (Jared will forward to the EB) Done

  • Can it be sent to the User List? Yes (Hilde will distribute to the ddi-users mailing list) Done

3. Plan work on the 2024 – 2026 Scientific Work Plan; allocation of tasks.

Please see materials from the Annual Meeting for ideas for the next plan.

  • Hilde proposes to create main ideas and tasks from the document (with Darren), for next SB meeting (to distribute the tasks being followed up)

  • During summer, tasks can be discussed with relevant WGs and involved people. 

  • A more detailed discussion will happen at the SB meeting in Bergen.

  • Follow up and a final result needs to be ready for voting until end of the year.

  • Hilde and Darren will find a date/time in June for preparing step one Done

4. AOB

  • Timing for our next meeting: 

    • Next SB meeting on July 11th

  • Physical SB meeting:

    • October 9-10th in Bergen. Hilde provides a hotel proposal and location information. Address is Lars Hilles gate 22 Done