20211109 Scientific Board Meeting Minutes


Achim, Carsten, Darren, Flavio, Hilde, Ingo, Jared, Simon, Wendy

1. Admin

Report from the temporary working group on DDI URN resolution

Carsten reported that working group on DDI URN resolution has started their work, and will follow up with regular meetings. A related page of in Confluence has been created post meeting.              

Report from the FAIR Vocabularies workshop

Hilde reported from the FAIR Vocabularies workshop. This is one of the three expert workshops organized by DDI Alliance and CODATA in September 2021.

EDDI Training Fair

Hilde reported that the Training Group of the DDI Alliance is organizing a training event in connection with EDDI 2021, the EDDI Training Fair. Program for the EDDI Training Fair can be found here.

2. Collaboration between the Scientific Board and the Working Groups, Committees and the scientific Community

Agree date for meeting with the Scientific Community

January 27th 2022 was agreed as date for a meeting with the Scientific Community.

Agree date for meeting with WG chairs

February 3rd 2022 was agreed as date for a quarterly meeting with the Working Group Chairs.

Collaboration between the Scientific Board and the Working Groups

A proposal by Ingo and Hilde that each Working Group should have a contact person from the Scientific Board to get feedback and support, also outside of a planned three months rhythm of regular meetings between SB, EB and WGs, was discussed at the meeting. The idea was strongly supported by everyone in the group.

The following was agreed at the meeting:

  • The purpose of the proposed contact is to give support the group and to follow up with the group regarding the Scientific Plan.

  • Purpose and role of the contact will be detailed and communicated to the Working Group (task of Ingo and Hilde).

  • Each committee and working group under the Scientific Board will have a contact person.

  • The contact person should be a voting member of the Scientific Board

  • The contact person should be external to the working group – not member.

  • The following SB members were agreeing to act as contacts for the following groups:

Controlled Vocabularies

Darren Bell

DCI Working Group

Simon Hodson

Paradata Working Group

Hilde Orten

SDTL Working Group

Joachim Wackerow

Technical Committee

Ingo Barkow

Training Group

Flavio Rizzolo

XKOS Working Group

Carsten Thie


3. W3C liaison

Achim presented a proposal to establish a simple W3C liaison with the DDI Alliance, with the aim is to coordinate activities – especially specification development - in the field of data description. A simple W3C liaison is an informal liaison. This kind of liaison is active as soon as both parties agree to make the information public (examples see the list of existing liaisons).

The Scientific Board sees this a great opportunity for collaboration between the W3C and the DDI Alliance, and approved of establishment of the liaison, with Achim as the contact on the DDI side.

The W3C contact will be a W3C fellow, involved in strategies on the topic of data interoperability as well as in specification development.

Achim and Ingo will liaise regarding this and will report to the Scientific Board and make a public announcement when everything is in place.

4. New Glossary Working Group under the Scientific Board

Dan Gillman and Arofan Gregory had sent in a proposal for a new Glossary Working Group under the Scientific Board to produce and maintain a DDI Glossary of terms and definitions used within the DDI standards community.

The Scientific Board agreed that. It is now an official working group of the DDI Alliance

Post meeting Ingo has written to the group chairs, and Jared has informed the Scientific Community about the new Working Group.

Dan Gillman will, as chair of the new WG, be invited to present the group at the next meeting of the Scientific Board on December 14th.